warmer december

So we left a fairly warm December in Utah for a super warm one in California. The weather was prime.
Got in Christmas Eve morning. Said hi to our amazing families, and loaded up the car for a little surf.
We surfed every day of Christmas break except Sunday. We really could not get enough. We became comfortable in our summer skin once again. We wore our bum flannels and ate cheap burritos. We embraced the salty skin, eyebrows, and hair.  We listened to Chicago and The Shins on that familiar Basilone Road. We soaked our cold toesies in the cooz and talked about how good life is.

These times Dave and I feel most like "ourselves."

I love my "after-surf" Dave. He smells like the ocean and his kisses are salty. He gives me wetsuit hugs and we keep close to stay warm. He calls me his "little surfer wife" and gives me a nice slap on the bum. He's pretty rad.

Besides surfing, we spent so much quality time with family. I LOVE THEM. surprise. Our families are the raddest. We surf together, play board games together, laugh together, and the most fun...we "just dance" together. Oh man  I have so many good videos from Christmas. I may have to post some sometime. Here is a little sneak peak of a new cover of the Britney song..."Hit Me Baby One More Time" performed by David Beckstead, Taylor Swain, Chris Gingerelli and Luke Facer:

Oh baby.

New Year's Eve. This was the two year mark since the day Dave asked me to marry him. (I said yes). We celebrated with some more "just dance", martinellis, and an impromptu dance party in the Facer kitchen.

More to come...

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Austin & Ellen said...

Oh I miss you guys! And I still think December in CA is cold (Hawaii spoiled me) but it's so cool that you guys got a break from Provo's weather. Court you and I need to go longboarding sometime!