ventura highway, in the suuunshine.

OK not Ventura Hwy, the Alpine Loop. This day was BEAUTIFUL. On a Sunday after church I suggested to Dave that we just go for a drive up the canyon to take in all the fall colors and smells before winter hits. I am so glad we did. This will be one of my favorite memories of the whole year. I could not believe how bright the aspens were. Not many reds and oranges...just bright BRIGHT yellow everywhere we looked. They were the kind of views that actually took my breath away.

We did a little exploring, a lot of good talking, and enjoyed just being in the moment. This is what I want my life to be like all the time.



Dave and I are not the biggest fan of this holiday. I mean let's face it....I'm right with the department stores on this one...in fact, i beat them, started listening to Christmas music back in September when we had two days of a chill.  I'm sure Halloween will be more fun when we have kids that fully enjoy the sugar high.

Considering what we did last year for halloween (nothing), this year was a serious upgrade. Even if our costumes were put together the same day and weren't all that original. Saturday before halloween was spent at a halloween party hosted by the Johansens. Dave was a lumberjack and I was a tree. I sewed my own "tree" skirt and hat outta felt in about an hour, it was great. We got to play games, have great food, and carve pumpkins, all the while enjoying some good times catching up with friends. Dave and I brought Wasail, and for the foam cups we drew pictures on all of them with a halloween joke, on the bottom of the cup was the answer. It made for some small laughs.

Dave's favorite joke is a little inappropriate...but it was a crowd favorite, so here goes..."Why can't boy ghosts have babies?"

Drum roll please......

"Because they have Hollow-Weenies!"

Sorry Dad, I know.... that was a little much. So for actual Halloween we kept it mellow and went to see some bands play at Velour (a local Provo music stop). Dave was a lumberjack (see a running theme here?), and I was a hippy. Classy. We enjoyed some musical stylings by The Campaign ---band mates included Tom Hall and Jay Tibbits -- some of our really good friends we grew up. They have some sick jammies. Then came out a Prince tribute band called Funky Violet....and they were pretty funky. We loved it. Probably the best Halloween I've had in a long time.