Valentine's Day

My dearest had a bouquet of roses delivered to the house! It also had a box of chocolates. Double whammy! This was so unexpected and SO nice. I absolutely love fresh flowers. They brighten a room make me happy every time I walk by them. Thanks Dave.

I really lucked out. He is an exceptional husband. Most importantly, he quickly forgives my shortcomings. Love you boo! ;)


As of Now

Dave has been accepted to 2 dental schools (UNLV, UDM), and waitlisted with Roseman. He has an interview with UoP on the 20th . UoP is his dream school, so we are excited and nervous for that one! As of right now we are settled on Las Vegas, and we are super excited about that. Sunshine, heat, and close to family/CA.

Dave also got offered the Navy HPSP scholarship. He is one out of 60 people in the country to get it! He’s awesome. They will pay for all of his dental school fees, and we will get a small income each month. Then Dave will work for the Navy for 3 to 4 years in return (depending which school we go to). We are excited for this adventure. We could end up living anywhere, maybe even Japan!

Winter is the pits. At least in Utah. Usually I try to have a good attitude about it, but this year is hard. Sally is too little to be out in the cold for very long, plus she can’t play in the snow yet, so everything we do has to be inside. And if you don’t want to spend money, there aren’t a lot of options. This is making me very excited for our pending move. We KNOW it is going to be a warmer climate. Can’t wait for that.

Dave is graduating from BYU at the end of April, then we are going to take a trip (Me, Dave, & Sally), to Hawaii! We want to visit Luke, Kari, & Simon, and Shan & James. Super excited for that. We were in HI the semester we were engaged, and we are so excited to go back! It has been 4.5 years. Can’t believe how fast time has gone by.

Sally has never taken a bottle, and she eats every 2.5 hours during the day, so Dave and I haven’t been able to go out at all! Finally, this past Saturday, my Aunt Megan was able to watch her for a couple hours while we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. It was really nice! But it was super fun getting back, calling sally’s name, and seeing her light up and start crawling toward me (the most crawling she had done at this point!). So…note to self for future children, start the bottle sooner! At least every once in a while.

We’ve got some fun things planned for our last couple months in Utah – museums, a trip to the zoo, planetarium, fish tanks, maybe a baby swim class or two. Only 2.5 more months here, so we are going to enjoy it!

Sally 7 Months

You absolutely LOVE baths. You seem to know when it is bath-time, because you will start crawling for the bathroom. I take you in there and hold you on my lap while we watch the tub fill with water. You kick and squeal in excitement. Then we go back to the living room to undress you. I hold you up by your arms, and you lead the way and march right over to the tub, taking big steps all the way there. Once you get in, it is splash zone for a little bit, then you settle in and are just mellow. Love this time with you each day.

We are trying to get you to eat more, so you can put on more weight. But you are always moving, moving, moving, and it is hard for you to sit still for more than 3 minutes to eat.

You babble and squeal. For a couple months now you have been saying “mamamama” – it used to be when you were upset, now you say it when you want my attention or are hungry. Lots of “ba’s” and “la’s” and we are working on your “da” so you can say “dada.” :)

You had a “breath-holding spell” that scared me to death.

Still no teeth.

You CRAWL. You have been army crawling since you turned 6 months, then on the exact day you turned 7 months you started the “real” crawl.

When we got back from Christmas vacation, we decided sleep training was in order. You were waking up 5+ times a night and I was still rocking or feeding you to sleep. Dad and I were so ready to change it up. We decided to try the Ferber cry-it-out deal. First two nights were rough, but by the third night you were falling asleep quickly. Now we have a super simple routine. Bath, Feed, Sing “Silent Night”, Prayer, lay you down, Sing “I Often Go Walking.” Then it’s a kiss goodnight. You will usually fall asleep on your own after this without a fuss. SO much better. I still miss rocking you to sleep sometimes. So we just do that during the day. You don’t really like it anymore though. Sad!

You sleep from 7pm-7am. 12 hours! You still feed at least once in the night though.

I think 7 months is when I feel like I no longer have a “little baby.” Now you are entering the “big baby” stage, then its 1, then you’re a toddler. You grow fast! I am so thankful I get to stay home and watch you grow and learn.

Ice Ice Baby

Stopped to watch some ice-fishing on our way to Park City. Dave kept trying to get me to say "the mountains are pretty," but I was being a stink and wouldn't admit it because I was so over the cold and snow! Now looking back at these pictures I can say that they are indeed pretty. Ha!

Provo Castle

We had a little family outing. Dave took us to this cool castle-amphitheater against the hills in Provo. I've lived here 5 years and I had no idea it was even there! It was a pretty neat place, and gave great views of the city. Sally tasted some snow. She wouldn't crack a smile, she really doesn't like the cold!

Sally 6 Months

Scooting. You put your head down and use it as leverage to scoot toward what you want.

Spent 2.5 weeks in California this month! You were loving being outside so much. You got to play in the sand and on the back of a surfboard.

You got your legs dipped in the jacuzzi with Grandma Facer and Auntie Clare.

You had your 4th flight! You were a dream! Much easier than the last flight.

You started sitting up on your own right before you turned 6 months.

We started solids a couple weeks ago. Oatmeal, Sweet Potatoes, and Butternut Squash are the staples.

We are getting antsy being inside all winter – you dislike the cold as much as I do. Putting on a coat is a s-t-r-u-g-g-l-e. So we are trying to get creative with fun things to do. We go to the library for story-time, walks when it’s not to bitter, trips to the mall and target (which is actually still enjoyable without spending money - everything is so shiny, and organized, and pretty :), baby-dates, and we go watch dad in his diving class. The first time we went to the diving class, you were a little unsure of the noise of the splashing and the bang of the diving-board, you were clinging to me so tight. I loved it.

Sometimes when I'm holding you and you don't want to get put down, you grab the sides of my neck and hair and jump up with your legs so they are tucked under. You only do this with me. It's like you've got your reins and you're not letting go!

I hold you in my arms and dance and spin you around – this brings a big smile to your face. You like music and always try to touch the radio.


2013 Review and New Years Resolution

I am making a 2013 family memory book, and I wrote out a list of pictures/events to remember, so I thought I would include the list here. A big year for this little Facer family!

   Started the year off with surfing, of course!
   Played on the frozen Utah Lake with Clare
   Valentine's Day - Found out we were having a GIRL!
   Ske + Rox Wedding
   Dave went Cat Skiing
   Mason Jennings Concert
   Sleepovers with Steve and Clare
   Hike in Provo Canyon
   Goodbye Escort - you were good to us, but you died
   Preggo Surfing
   Ellen Mother's Day Show!
   Memorial Day at Trestles
   Walked to Uppers with D and watched him shred
   3 Year Anniversary
   Dave San O BBQ and longboard session
   T-Street with Tyler & Sarah and baby Trey, Luke & Kari
   Dave goes to Mexico to find surf
   Sally is Born!
   4th of July - in the hospital, then home for fireworks from the window
   Beach Days with Baby
   Camping at Leo Carillo
   Colorado for Darren + Corinne Wedding
   Sally's Baby Blessing
   Squaw Peak Hike
   Deer Valley Exploration
   Drive-in Movie
   Alpine Loop
   Big Red Barn
   Vegas for Interview/CA trip
   Shan + James Wedding
   Sally 1st Christmas
   Ended with surfing, of course!

It seems past resolutions quickly fade or guilt trip - so this year, I'm trying something different. I am focusing on two quotes to help me become a better version of myself by 2015.

"Try a little harder, to be a little better."

"Decide who to be, and go be it."

This gives me the choice each day to focus on something different, and not to be weighed down by not hitting a specific goal or "missing a day." Each day is a chance to renew and reflect. It has been working great so far!

Christmas 2013

Ahhhh, can you smell the salty air and feel that ocean breeze? 2.5 weeks in California was phenomenal! Goals were accomplished. I got more freckles on my nose, surfed a ton, and spent time with my loves.

First things first - little sis got murried! So so happy for her. She married an incredible match. The whole day and reception was beautiful. It is so nice that all (2) of my siblings have found their main squeeze. Love is great.

Once again, our moms and dads out-did themselves and Christmas was superb. Carols, games, gingerbread houses - you name it, we did it.

First time going to Fashion Island, of course they closed 30 min. after we got there, but it was fun to see the huge Christmas tree and to go with Darren and Corinne. They had a rad santa there that was playing the ukulele when we walked up. We sat Sally on his lap and she was so good! He started singing a jazz version of "Jingle Bells" and she was totally diggin' it. We would have a picture, but $26 to take your own picture?! A little steep.

We seriously surfed a ton! Almost everyday. The weather was too good to us. The waves were small - perfect for me! Dave and I had a fun "adventure" session at Doheny. It was completely fogged out. You couldn't see 20 ft. in front of you and it was SUPER low tide. The lowest I've ever seen Doho. We walked out to the shoreline with our boards and looked like a couple of crazies. We couldn't see the waves, but we could hear them. So we walked out. The water was only up to our knees for a good 50 ft. Dave ended up finding a good spot with some fun little rollers! It was hard to judge the size of the wave, and there was tons of seaweed - but it made for a fun adventure. I'm glad we did it.

We went back to Huntington Beach - where Dave proposed to me 4 years ago! We went with my mom and dad as well. We walked along the boardwalk, and had Ruby's on the pier for the first time! It was such a great night.

The best Christmas break yet!

Sally 5 Months

You roll all ways and directions now.

You have found your feet and love to play with your toes and pull off socks.

Not the best sleeper anymore. I think the visiting CA twice threw you completely off, and now you wake up all the time at night. I think you just want to hang out with me :) Thing is - we can't really try to work on it until after Christmas, because it's just gonna get crazy again. Hopefully we can all get enough sleep around here in the meantime!

You are starting to get interested in animals. We went to the duck pond to watch the ducks and you were fascinated. You would whip your head around so quick with every "quack." 

You make all sorts of sounds, you do like this rolling "r" in the back of the throat. Kinda like you're gargling. Super cute.

You fit in your jumper now and you love just spinning around. Haven't quite figured out how to jump.

You love when we hold you up under your arms and you take steps and walk around (you have actually loved this for a long time - but I am just now documenting it). 

We call your fingers little "wedges" because they are shaped like pudgey triangles. 

You do these awesome wiggles. You are on your back with your hands on your hips and you wag your head from side to side and kick your legs and smile super big. It is one of my favorite Sally things.


Thanksgiving was extra wonderful this year because we got to spend it for the first time in California since we have been married. We got to go to my grandma Bost's for the traditional spread. And I mean spread. So. much. good. food.

We also surfed most of the days we were there. Got to.

I stayed there a few extra days since my sister was flying in from Hawaii and I wanted to help her with wedding plans. It was a great time!

Thanksgiving last year was when we told our families we were expecting! My life has just gotten more awesome, meaningful, intense, full, and beautiful since then. And I am thankful for that.

Sally 4 Months

You roll to your tummy, but only one direction. Sometimes you get in a rolling frenzy and just do it over, and over, and over. Mostly during diaper changes - lucky me!

First giggles! Made my heart swell. Your first laugh was the day after you turned 3 months old. You laugh a lot now. We have to work for it (tickling, funny sounds, raspberries). It is the best!

You still blow bubbles with your mouth, but now you can buzz your lips real good.

You don't nap. Yeah. Like at all. I've gotta get that figured out. 

Night sleeping is great now. You go to bed around 9, and you stay asleep until around 7, then sometimes you sleep a little longer after that.

Your favorite sleep position is hands behind the head, and legs in a froggy. We call it your relaxin' pose.

You're starting to play with things a lot more. You love the good crinkle of a Top Ramen package. (Not that we eat that :)

You love when we make the "raaaaawr" sound and you open your mouth and crinkle your nose like you are trying to copy us. So cute.

Had your first baby hangout. And coincidentally you tasted your first piece of - catfood. Your 18-month old friend thought you could use a treat just like the kitty, and she plopped a piece right in your unsuspecting little mouth. (I fished it out of your mouth real quick). It was pretty funny though, but I would guess from your face that it wasn't the best flavor. 

Visited St. George, Las Vegas, and California. Had your 3rd flight! Just you and mommy this time – a little rough. You were “exercising your vocal chords” until you finally conked out in my arms – I was rocking you in the middle of the isle for a good 45 minutes :)

You take a bath like a big girl lying down in the tub. You kick, kick, kick those legs and love to splash. Lots of squeals of delight too. I call you "my little mermaid" because you love the water and your curls of reddish hair float and flow like Ariel!