Christmas 2013

Ahhhh, can you smell the salty air and feel that ocean breeze? 2.5 weeks in California was phenomenal! Goals were accomplished. I got more freckles on my nose, surfed a ton, and spent time with my loves.

First things first - little sis got murried! So so happy for her. She married an incredible match. The whole day and reception was beautiful. It is so nice that all (2) of my siblings have found their main squeeze. Love is great.

Once again, our moms and dads out-did themselves and Christmas was superb. Carols, games, gingerbread houses - you name it, we did it.

First time going to Fashion Island, of course they closed 30 min. after we got there, but it was fun to see the huge Christmas tree and to go with Darren and Corinne. They had a rad santa there that was playing the ukulele when we walked up. We sat Sally on his lap and she was so good! He started singing a jazz version of "Jingle Bells" and she was totally diggin' it. We would have a picture, but $26 to take your own picture?! A little steep.

We seriously surfed a ton! Almost everyday. The weather was too good to us. The waves were small - perfect for me! Dave and I had a fun "adventure" session at Doheny. It was completely fogged out. You couldn't see 20 ft. in front of you and it was SUPER low tide. The lowest I've ever seen Doho. We walked out to the shoreline with our boards and looked like a couple of crazies. We couldn't see the waves, but we could hear them. So we walked out. The water was only up to our knees for a good 50 ft. Dave ended up finding a good spot with some fun little rollers! It was hard to judge the size of the wave, and there was tons of seaweed - but it made for a fun adventure. I'm glad we did it.

We went back to Huntington Beach - where Dave proposed to me 4 years ago! We went with my mom and dad as well. We walked along the boardwalk, and had Ruby's on the pier for the first time! It was such a great night.

The best Christmas break yet!

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