Sally 7 Months

You absolutely LOVE baths. You seem to know when it is bath-time, because you will start crawling for the bathroom. I take you in there and hold you on my lap while we watch the tub fill with water. You kick and squeal in excitement. Then we go back to the living room to undress you. I hold you up by your arms, and you lead the way and march right over to the tub, taking big steps all the way there. Once you get in, it is splash zone for a little bit, then you settle in and are just mellow. Love this time with you each day.

We are trying to get you to eat more, so you can put on more weight. But you are always moving, moving, moving, and it is hard for you to sit still for more than 3 minutes to eat.

You babble and squeal. For a couple months now you have been saying “mamamama” – it used to be when you were upset, now you say it when you want my attention or are hungry. Lots of “ba’s” and “la’s” and we are working on your “da” so you can say “dada.” :)

You had a “breath-holding spell” that scared me to death.

Still no teeth.

You CRAWL. You have been army crawling since you turned 6 months, then on the exact day you turned 7 months you started the “real” crawl.

When we got back from Christmas vacation, we decided sleep training was in order. You were waking up 5+ times a night and I was still rocking or feeding you to sleep. Dad and I were so ready to change it up. We decided to try the Ferber cry-it-out deal. First two nights were rough, but by the third night you were falling asleep quickly. Now we have a super simple routine. Bath, Feed, Sing “Silent Night”, Prayer, lay you down, Sing “I Often Go Walking.” Then it’s a kiss goodnight. You will usually fall asleep on your own after this without a fuss. SO much better. I still miss rocking you to sleep sometimes. So we just do that during the day. You don’t really like it anymore though. Sad!

You sleep from 7pm-7am. 12 hours! You still feed at least once in the night though.

I think 7 months is when I feel like I no longer have a “little baby.” Now you are entering the “big baby” stage, then its 1, then you’re a toddler. You grow fast! I am so thankful I get to stay home and watch you grow and learn.

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