One of our favorite things to do last summer was to go wake-surfing with Uncle Dave and Aunt Kat. Luckily, we were able to get out on the boat at the very end of summer before it got too cold. It was the perfect transition from California to Utah. My surfing this summer seems to have made a difference, I was having so much fun out there, and did better than I had a year before. Woop woop. Dave always kills it, and it is really fun to watch him.

We've enjoyed a bikeride and a drive through the canyon. The Alpine Loop is a favorite. The fresh mountain air gets me every time.

Spent an afternoon with my lovey Clare. We diced and canned beets with Grandpa and Grandma Facer, and spent some time in their garden. There are so many things I want to learn!

Our friends are in a super rad band called The Strike. It's like a 9-person set up and sounds so sick. This show was on a nice summer night in Tom's backyard. So many people came! Sean and Jenny were grill masters and it was good to see them too.

Some of my girl friends started a monthly craft night, so I have been getting my craft on. Which has led me to start some projects around the house...more on that later.

And lastly, we enjoyed a wonderful conference weekend with all my family in town! It was awesome. I'm already looking forward to Thanksgiving.

Hope everyone is enjoying the fall changes! Say yes to sweaters.