Giving thanks

Our thanksgiving was a wonder. We had so much fun having the Facer side of our family up here. We did our traditional thanksgiving morning shooting session. Dave is one sharp shooter (thats attractive) and i got considerably better. Added bonus - this year we didn't miss thanksgiving dinner! As we were gathered around the table and had finished our meal we all took turns saying what we are grateful for this year. Here are a couple things on my list:
• Dave. Best friend. Confidant. Companion.
• Family. McAffees and Facers. My best friends. How did I get so lucky?
• Jesus Christ, a Father in Heaven, and a Church that teaches me how to live a good life and be happy.
• Utah. For the mountains, the seasons, the people, the education, the firsts, the experiences.
• California. For the family, the ocean, the surf, the weather, the peace, and the freeing feeling of cruising down pch.

Over the break we:
Bowled (Dave got a 221!), ate 9 pies, played Harry potter trivia (the best game ever), many more games, walked along the Heber creeper railroad, watched football, Charlie Chaplin, the snowman, and a charlie brown christmas, played ping pong, released white does (no not kidding), read books, talked, and laughed. Just the way a break should be. Mellow, and fun. Can't wait for Christmas!