leap year.

Februaries Past

February 2006 - Just friends here

2007-08 Dave Mission, Me BYU

February 2009 - Dating (we were about to ride his moto down to Thalia)

February 2010 - Engaged, Laie, Hawaii

February 2011 - Married, Provo, UT

February 2012 - Provo, UT (still)

Well today is leap day. And I got to thinking about what I was doing 4 years ago the last time this happened. It was 2008. I was at BYU and Dave was on his mission. I would read his missionary letters that his family would forward to me, and in the back of my mind I wondered if we would fall back into being good friends after his mission. I wondered if we would even live in the same state. I wondered if he would ever ask me on a date. He promised he would...back when I was 16. And I was still waiting on that promise.

The leap day before that would take me to 2004. My freshman year of high school. The Facer family had moved into our ward in Mission Viejo, CA. Our parents had been good friends when we were all little, so when they moved into town our families became close.

I remember the first day that I met Dave, for reals. His family was unloading a truck full of stuff from the move...their 20 surfboards were scattered all over the lawn. I was sitting on their front brick steps when suddenly this hunk of a 16 year old with long blonde hair came up and just started talking to me. I was like WOAH. This guy. He is fanTAStic. That night our ward had a beach bonfire at T-street. Ske, Luke, and Dave stayed out in the water surfing the whole time, they were a little anti-social that day. All the girls in the ward called dibs on Ske...he had long blonde hair and played guitar...and they were all about it. And I was OK with that. We all know why. My fire was already burnin'. And so, my secret crush on Dave started.

Within that first year they became my second family. I was at their house everyday. Clare Facer (Dave's little sister) was three years younger than me, but we became best friends. She taught me so much about actually living and enjoying life. She was my soul sister. I could laugh and laugh with that girl. She still is my best friend...and now we are sisters (look at what two leap days can do!). Kari Amundsen, my other best friend, also became really close with the Facer family..so close that her and Luke (Dave's younger bro) hit it off and two leap days later they are getting married! And I get to be sisters with her now too! Score. Who gets to have that. Seriously. OK back to the story. So high school...we were all such good friends. The boys had their surf crew. Sometimes us girls would tag along. At this time I mainly hung out with Clare, Luke and Kari. Dave had a girlfriend for most of junior and senior year of high school, so that kept him busy. Looking back I am glad that he did. Because of it we were able to develop such a great friendship with almost no flirting! We just genuinely thought each other was "cool." I still had my secret crush on Dave but I tried to keep it mellow. People since then have told me it wasn't so secret...I guess it was pretty obvious. Oops.

It's fun to look back and remember the moments and memories that have led me to now. I love how my life and Dave's life have been intertwined since we were wee ones. I find so much joy and purpose in that. Leap years are rad and I hope every leap year I can pause and reflect on year's past. I didn't really make new year's resolutions this year, so maybe I'll make leap year resolutions. Goals or milestones I want to make happen in the next four years. I'll think about it and maybe I'll be back on here to share them. Here's to 2016!

valentine's day.

I loved Valentine's day this year. It was Dave's turn to plan it, and he nailed it. We don't go out to eat at nice places, so P.F. Changs was a real treat for us. The food was yummy and the conversation was so good. Because it's my dear. We said no gifts this year. But we both couldn't resist getting each other a little something. I got Dave two records - Mason Jenning's new album Minnesota (we love) and The Shin's older album Oh Inverted World (a favorite). Dave pretended like he didn't get me anything and he was all bummed. Then the waiter came over with our check and brought along with it a bouquet of the prettiest peachiest roses and a card (with a See's Candies gift card - he knows me well). The card had the sweetest words I'd ever read. I asked him if he wrote it all at once or if he wrote it in planned out snippets. He looked at me confused. I explained. Me - I cannot be clever in letters/cards/etc. I always have a "scratch" piece of paper to write my thoughts down until they seem clever, funny, and sweet enough. Then I simply transfer the final draft onto the card. Smart right? Dave doesn't do that. He just starts writing and lines of romance are penned permanently right there on the card. I'm a lucky little lady to have such a poet for a husband.

After dinner we hit up Color Me Mine. We were just going to town painting our little ceramics and we were so into it that we didn't finish before they closed shop. So we get to go back another night to finish (free date! yes!). I'm excited to see how they turn out after they're fired. Dave's work is the one pictured above. I love the way he paints.

I just love him.

the bird.

These pictures are actually from Thanksgiving of 2010 when we went to Snowbird with the Facers. We just went to Snowbird two weekends ago with them again, but none of us took any pictures...so I figured I would post these ones. Only difference - Beav and Luke weren't with us this year.

It was a super fun day. Some memorable moments:

  • We went over to the "Peruvian" lift side...you get to ride a little conveyor belt through a tunnel in the middle of the mountain. We were stoked...until we ended up in a "cliff" zone. All of us ended up hiking/traversing across the mountain a ways until we found a spot where we could head down. Dave, Clare and I were the snowboarders so we stuck together and had some good laughs as we demolished some moguls on our way down.
  • I took a gnarly fall on one of the runs and slammed my knees on some ice. My knee is still sore and a little swollen 2 weeks later. Go big or go home! I would like to say that this happened after I got 10 feet of air off a kicker...but no, I was just cruisin and BAM...next thing I know I'm eatin snow.
  • Conversations in the car. Dave and I had to give talks the next day in church (which we hadn't written yet...and church is at 9 a.m.). Our topic was family history so we asked the fam what they thought about it. Let's just say the conversation included a new version of the primary song "Genealogy" and went a little something like this.."Family history...I'm not doing it!" Oops.
Thank you Facers for a great weekend!


skate till you dry.

This was a super rad day. Dave had to get an oil change done on his car, and it just so happened that the mechanics shop was right near the Provo River trail. So we thought we'd make the most of our time and we brought our skates along. We skated the trail for a good two hours. We could actually feel the sun this day, it was amazing. Dave was showing off his cross stepping (I've finally learned!) and other groovy moves, and he helped me gain the courage to go down some of those steep hills under the tunnels. On our way back we crossed a bridge over to a park. The park had a frozen pond. The frozen pond became our ice skating rink.

Here is a video of some of this adventure...I don't know why it won't fill up the whole video area, oh well. (I wasn't planning on making an actual video...otherwise I would have gotten better footage of Dave's sick skate moves).

Here is the link to watch it full-size...along with our other videos: http://youtu.be/oPTCiBluh8Y


rock canyon nation.

keepin it real.

Right now I am working full-time and taking 6 credits of school, and Dave is a full-time student and part-time TA. As you can imagine, we don't get out much. But on weekends we DO! Before this semester started, Dave and I decided to have Dave quit his restaurant job. For the first year and a half of our marriage Dave worked EVERY weekend. Friday AND Saturday. This meant no weekend dates, no weekend trips, etc. It was rough. We felt like we were missing out on a lot, and it was hard to balance our time. Even though we are busy now, having our weekends together has been amazing. Saturdays are now our adventure days.

The months of January and February have gone by so fast. I feel like I am finally adapting and fully enjoying Utah winters. That being said, this winter has been a super tame one so far...hardly any snow and relatively warm temperatures...lucky us. During these winter months in Utah it is so easy to just go into "hibernation mode." This year, Dave and I made a goal to make the most of our winter - get outside, move yo body, and be in nature. We have had so much fun.


Exclusive Wedding Coverage via iPhone: Clare & Steven Askar

Clare (my sister-in-law/best-friend/ray-of-sunshine) got married on December 30, 2011 to Steven Askar (sunday-school-class-mate/bundle-of-joy/nicest-guy-ever).

Kari (bottom picture) was the actual photographer for these bridals and groomals. But I tagged along with my iPhone and was deemed the love fairy and got to help keep Clare looking fresh (my job was easy...she's a natural born beauty that one). So I snapped a few photos along the way, and these are some favorites.
Clare and Steven have a great love story. They are so good for each other, and make others around them happy just because they are so happy together! These photos were taken a few days before they actually got married. The love is oozing.

I didn't take any photos on their actual wedding day, but I took some video on my iPhone and put this video together in about an hour before their reception. You can feel the love. Go ahead, feel the love...watch it.

a summer escapade in winter

Over Christmas...(yes still catching up)...Dave and I went on a little escapade to Laguna with our comrades and best friends Luke and Kari (who are now engaged to be married! happy day!).

It was so beautiful and clear this day. We went to Cresent Bay, a favorite spot. Dave and I hiked around the rocks you see in the bottom picture. It takes you around to a little bay with tons of sea glass and broken shells. So we put some in our pockets. Dave had shoes on, so he was jumping around and being brave and stuff. He was also was my rescuer and carried me piggy back all the way back to camp because I had no shoes. What a dear.

That night we went to the old Laguna theatre right on main beach and watched Sherlock Holmes 2. That was a goodie.

We sure love hanging out with these two and can't wait for Kari to be part of the family!

warmer december

So we left a fairly warm December in Utah for a super warm one in California. The weather was prime.
Got in Christmas Eve morning. Said hi to our amazing families, and loaded up the car for a little surf.
We surfed every day of Christmas break except Sunday. We really could not get enough. We became comfortable in our summer skin once again. We wore our bum flannels and ate cheap burritos. We embraced the salty skin, eyebrows, and hair.  We listened to Chicago and The Shins on that familiar Basilone Road. We soaked our cold toesies in the cooz and talked about how good life is.

These times Dave and I feel most like "ourselves."

I love my "after-surf" Dave. He smells like the ocean and his kisses are salty. He gives me wetsuit hugs and we keep close to stay warm. He calls me his "little surfer wife" and gives me a nice slap on the bum. He's pretty rad.

Besides surfing, we spent so much quality time with family. I LOVE THEM. surprise. Our families are the raddest. We surf together, play board games together, laugh together, and the most fun...we "just dance" together. Oh man  I have so many good videos from Christmas. I may have to post some sometime. Here is a little sneak peak of a new cover of the Britney song..."Hit Me Baby One More Time" performed by David Beckstead, Taylor Swain, Chris Gingerelli and Luke Facer:

Oh baby.

New Year's Eve. This was the two year mark since the day Dave asked me to marry him. (I said yes). We celebrated with some more "just dance", martinellis, and an impromptu dance party in the Facer kitchen.

More to come...