skate till you dry.

This was a super rad day. Dave had to get an oil change done on his car, and it just so happened that the mechanics shop was right near the Provo River trail. So we thought we'd make the most of our time and we brought our skates along. We skated the trail for a good two hours. We could actually feel the sun this day, it was amazing. Dave was showing off his cross stepping (I've finally learned!) and other groovy moves, and he helped me gain the courage to go down some of those steep hills under the tunnels. On our way back we crossed a bridge over to a park. The park had a frozen pond. The frozen pond became our ice skating rink.

Here is a video of some of this adventure...I don't know why it won't fill up the whole video area, oh well. (I wasn't planning on making an actual video...otherwise I would have gotten better footage of Dave's sick skate moves).

Here is the link to watch it full-size...along with our other videos: http://youtu.be/oPTCiBluh8Y

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