the bird.

These pictures are actually from Thanksgiving of 2010 when we went to Snowbird with the Facers. We just went to Snowbird two weekends ago with them again, but none of us took any pictures...so I figured I would post these ones. Only difference - Beav and Luke weren't with us this year.

It was a super fun day. Some memorable moments:

  • We went over to the "Peruvian" lift side...you get to ride a little conveyor belt through a tunnel in the middle of the mountain. We were stoked...until we ended up in a "cliff" zone. All of us ended up hiking/traversing across the mountain a ways until we found a spot where we could head down. Dave, Clare and I were the snowboarders so we stuck together and had some good laughs as we demolished some moguls on our way down.
  • I took a gnarly fall on one of the runs and slammed my knees on some ice. My knee is still sore and a little swollen 2 weeks later. Go big or go home! I would like to say that this happened after I got 10 feet of air off a kicker...but no, I was just cruisin and BAM...next thing I know I'm eatin snow.
  • Conversations in the car. Dave and I had to give talks the next day in church (which we hadn't written yet...and church is at 9 a.m.). Our topic was family history so we asked the fam what they thought about it. Let's just say the conversation included a new version of the primary song "Genealogy" and went a little something like this.."Family history...I'm not doing it!" Oops.
Thank you Facers for a great weekend!

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