valentine's day.

I loved Valentine's day this year. It was Dave's turn to plan it, and he nailed it. We don't go out to eat at nice places, so P.F. Changs was a real treat for us. The food was yummy and the conversation was so good. Because it's my dear. We said no gifts this year. But we both couldn't resist getting each other a little something. I got Dave two records - Mason Jenning's new album Minnesota (we love) and The Shin's older album Oh Inverted World (a favorite). Dave pretended like he didn't get me anything and he was all bummed. Then the waiter came over with our check and brought along with it a bouquet of the prettiest peachiest roses and a card (with a See's Candies gift card - he knows me well). The card had the sweetest words I'd ever read. I asked him if he wrote it all at once or if he wrote it in planned out snippets. He looked at me confused. I explained. Me - I cannot be clever in letters/cards/etc. I always have a "scratch" piece of paper to write my thoughts down until they seem clever, funny, and sweet enough. Then I simply transfer the final draft onto the card. Smart right? Dave doesn't do that. He just starts writing and lines of romance are penned permanently right there on the card. I'm a lucky little lady to have such a poet for a husband.

After dinner we hit up Color Me Mine. We were just going to town painting our little ceramics and we were so into it that we didn't finish before they closed shop. So we get to go back another night to finish (free date! yes!). I'm excited to see how they turn out after they're fired. Dave's work is the one pictured above. I love the way he paints.

I just love him.

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