Exclusive Wedding Coverage via iPhone: Clare & Steven Askar

Clare (my sister-in-law/best-friend/ray-of-sunshine) got married on December 30, 2011 to Steven Askar (sunday-school-class-mate/bundle-of-joy/nicest-guy-ever).

Kari (bottom picture) was the actual photographer for these bridals and groomals. But I tagged along with my iPhone and was deemed the love fairy and got to help keep Clare looking fresh (my job was easy...she's a natural born beauty that one). So I snapped a few photos along the way, and these are some favorites.
Clare and Steven have a great love story. They are so good for each other, and make others around them happy just because they are so happy together! These photos were taken a few days before they actually got married. The love is oozing.

I didn't take any photos on their actual wedding day, but I took some video on my iPhone and put this video together in about an hour before their reception. You can feel the love. Go ahead, feel the love...watch it.

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