children of the fix

Don't we all wish we could be a fixie kid? Indie kid? Both? Maybe they are the same...I don't understand the fixation with fixies...but Tyler Warren seems to get it. He wrote this poem. 

oh fixie kid
how does he feel?
about spending $350
on a new front wheel?
is it from sweden?
or maybe tokyo?
is his bike carbon fiber?
how fast can it go?
he wears some cool leather shoes
and blue Sabre glasses
he rides so quickly
but hes late to all his classes

fixie kid
going to san francisco
fixie kid
riding in new york
 all the girls love him
but hes too cool
hands in his pockets
as he struts through school
rvca stickers on his bike
a strange Chrome satchel on his back
fixie kid is never alone
he always rides in a pack

oh fixie kid
he forgot to skid
now hes dead
fixie kid'


she's a beauty

Got this little beaute on my doorstep today! My very own kitchenaid mixer. My mom has had hers for years and I have been looking forward to getting one ever since I got engaged. Seriously. One of the perks of getting married I guess. I just love the pistachio color. Cannot wait to learn some new recipes, though my mom already knows what I am going to make first...my favorite choc-oat-chip cookies. The sad thing is that they never actually make it to the oven. Gross? No. Absolutely delectable. Ok maybe a little unhealthy but oh so good. Cookie dough can be good in moderation right? Especially if it has oats in it.

Also, I'm the first to admit that I am no chef...in fact I probably only know a handful of recipes. Poor husband. But I am motivated to learn! Anyone have any good cooking tips/recipies??

P.S. If you would like some of the baked goods I will be whipping up over the next weeks let me know and I will surely drop some by!


embarrassment (ɪmˈbærəsmənt) — n 1. the state of being embarrassed

We went to Sundance last week to snowboard together. It was a grand time. The sun was out and it was such a pretty day! We finally got to the backside of the mountain and started riding down...midway down the run I had a couple of funky turns and realized that the strap holding my ankle in had snapped off. I'm just glad I didn't eat snow at this point because I really would have screwed up my knee or ankle or something. Sadly, we had to cut our good times short for the day because there was no way I could ride with a broken binding. Now here comes the embarrassing part...I had to ride the lift the OPPOSITE way ALL THE WAY back to base-camp from the backside of the mountain BY MYSELF! Dave said he would ride down and meet me at the bottom. So I board the lift and at first, try not to look at any riders passing me to avoid the utter shame of it all. Meanwhile, little ski groups of kids are going up the lift and saying things like, "What's wrong with her?" or "Is she scared?" I don't know why they thought I couldn't hear them at five feet away. Some even had the nerve to shout out, "You're going the wrong way!" My favorite comments came from a group of 3 ten-year-old boys that were all decked out in their gangster snowboarding gear. Their conversation went like this: 
"Dude, is she bailing?" 
"Yea bro, she bailed out." 
"She's a baiiiiiler."
The end.
Isn't that great? By this time I am chuckling to myself and just have to laugh about all the funny looks and comments I have been receiving. And to top it off, there was a worker standing on the top of one of those pole things shoveling snow off the platform...he wasn't expecting me to be coming the opposite way...needless to say I end up getting the fluffy stuff dumped on my head. What a day aye? It was a good way to start off the season...I guess it can only get better from here right?


its in hawaii iiai iiai iiai...(canal house you know whats up)

So I am missing something a lot right now. It is not a person. It is not a thing. It is a place. You guessed it...Hawaii. Laie, Oahu to be exact. And I guess I am also missing the tan that went with it. Compare if you'd like


to JANUARY 2011.

Notice any difference? SHEEEEESH. What are we thinking? Runs through my mind right about now. haha, we like provo, but nothing compares to the island. hooo bruddha

This time last year Dave and I were just settling in to island life. chee hoo. We hopped on a plane and flew over the ocean..
And landed here...

This was where I lived. The canal house. Located right on the sand. Approximately 30 steps away from the waves and sunshine. These are the most amazing girls that I met there. My roommates: Kristine, Kelsea (practically a roommate), Ashley Flake, Ashley Aikele, and Paris!

These girls were the sun to my shine. We had way too many late night laughs, dance parties, and embarassing moments to count. Miss them so much!

We also hung out a lot with one of Dave's best friends and his fiancee. Now, Andrew and Stephanie Townsend. We wish they would move to the mainland already so we could see them more! Always good times with those two.

There are WAY to many good things to remember about Hawaii, but I have segmented our favorite parts in no particular order:


There were these HUGE trees that had super long vines. We swung from them like Tarzan.

Waikiki was the place we went longboarding a few times. We also came here for Valentine's Day and ate at DUKE'S. The best fish I have ever had. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to document.


MAUNAWI I's was one of our favorite spots. It's a super rad hike that opens up into a huge pool of water with a waterfall. There were three different levels you could jump off of. The level in the video is the second highest, above that is about a 60 ft. jump! Gnarly.

THE POINT. right in my backyard.

TEMPLE BEACH. the beach the canal house (where i stayed) was on

There are so many other favorite places of ours that we just don't have pictures of. Kahuku Grill, BYU-I, Turtle Bay, Castles, and so many others. Hawaii really is an AMAZING place and we had so much fun there. We met some of the greatest people we know and had some of the best times of our lives. Not to mention we survived the tsunami of 2010! (What a joke). Thanks Hawaii for being great to us. We promise we'll make a visit soon.


new years and old years

NEW YEARS EVE is always going to be a day to remember for Dave and I. Two New Year's Eves ago was the when that Dave tells me that he was fully falling for me. We went dancing together in San Diego with some close friends and we were just like magnets with each other! This was the day we decided would mark when our dating started. Then, this time last year he got down on one knee and asked me to to be his wife. One year exactly from our "falling for you" day. I don't think I've told a lot of you the story of proposal, and it is too good not to share!

NEW YEARS EVE 2009 started out like something out of a storybook...I spent the morning in court, trying to fight a ridiculous traffic ticket I received. And Dave spent the morning at the dentist getting one of his wisdom teeth yanked out. It was a lovely morning. Storybook right? Told you.

After leaving the court I made sure to lighten up and look forward to the rest of the day because I knew Dave was waiting for me at my house and that we had a fun day date planned. The plan was to go down to Huntington Beach and ride bikes along the boardwalk, have a picnic, hang out at the beach, window shop, and then get sushi later that night.

We arrive in Huntington and unload our bikes. We set off cruising the streets and then hit the boardwalk. We were just having a good time like usual, but I was getting pretty hungry. I kept telling Dave, "This looks like a great spot to stop and eat," or, "How about over there?" He told me, "Why don't we go down to that spot by the getty that we used to go to and find shells?" I thought...that sounds nice. We ride up to that spot to find a dazzling table set up with a draping table cloth, martinelli's, and a vase full of my favorite flowers...gerber daisies. At first I was thinking...that is for someone else.

Dave said, "What do you say we eat our lunch there?"
I said, "Dave, we can't, that is for somebody else."

He literally had to take me by the hand and walk me over to the table to sit down because I was so shocked and did not believe that this was for me. Needless to say I forgot my hunger. Here is the part that I start getting major butterflies and my mind is racing. Is this just a nice dinner? Is he going to propose? Is this a goodbye dinner? What is going on? I finally calm my mind down and I sense that he is a little nervous too. He's got the Martinelli's bottle by the neck and can't seem to pry off the top. Forgot the bottle-opener. I tell him, "Hey, I learned this cool trick my freshman year to get bottle tops off, let me see it..." (I swear I don't drink! as lame as that line sounds haha.). He hands me the bottle and I walk over to one of the rocks in the getty that seems to have a nice ledge on it. I take a firm grip on the bottle and then smack the top on the rock. The whole neck of the bottle breaks off, crumbles to the ground, and cuts myhand and foot in the process. This was not how it was supposed to go.

I start laughing, maybe feeling a little silly at this point. Meanwhile, Dave's face goes white as he sees the blood from my cut. He tells me later that in his mind he was thinking, "Here is the girl that I am about to propose to and she is standing there bleeding!" I try to ease the situation and remind him that I have extra gauze in my purse to wrap around it! (Remember earlier when I mentioned Dave getting his wisdom tooth out...yep...that gauze was for him). We both start laughing, he makes sure that I am ok and then we go back and sit at the table. The whole situation was pretty hilarious.

We finally settle down and Dave tells me that there was supposed to be a red card at my seat when we got there, but he said he would just tell me what the card had said. Dave then starts telling me about his love for me, and how he has seen it grow, and how he doesn't want it to end. We later found the card luckily because I couldn't remember half of the things he was saying because my mind was going a million miles a minute. In the card one line sums it up pretty well and says, "I have thought a lot about how much you mean to me, about us, about our future. I am so lucky to have found you and I can't let this end."..and it goes on. He then comes around to my side of the table and gets down on one knee. He opens a black velvet ring box with the most beautiful gold ring inside! Before he can even say anything I slide onto his knee and wrap my arms around him and start hugging him. Dave says, "Wait, I haven't even asked you yet!" I laughed and then pulled myself away enough that he could finally pop the question that I had dreamt of hearing for so long. The words left his mouth so sweetly, "Courtney Marie McAffee, will you marry me?" Of course I said, "YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!" With a million exclamation marks! I jumped up into his arms and we kissed and hugged. Seconds later we hear rapturous applause behind us. Quite a few people had gathered on the boardwalk and they were all cheering for us and clapping. I hadn't even noticed that they were there! I was so in the moment and just taking it all in. Our good friends Kari Amundsen and David Cox then popped out from behind the getty and congratulated us. They were the ones who set up the table and everything! They told us to go enjoy the rest of the day and that they would take care of the table and everything. So we hopped on our bikes and rode together in pure happiness. I rememeber I kept looking down at the ring on my left hand and I couldn't stop smiling. I probably almost crashed a few times because I couldn't take my eyes off it!

The rest of the day we spent walking hand in hand around Huntington talking about the future and what fun was ahead. In a couple days we would be hopping on a plane to the island of Oahu to go to school together.
We had sushi at Spicy Tuna in Huntington.

Then went home to share the good news with our family. It was such a good feeling being SO in love! Later that night we went out to enjoy the New Year dancing the night away with friends. It will be a day I will never forget.

Here are some of our engagement pictures that my best friend Kari Amundsen took a couple days later. She had to get them done because we were leaving for Hawaii the next day!

It is funny to me how I thought that I could never love Dave more than I did that day. But in this past year I have gotten to know him better, and love him more then ever before. And I am sure that this love is a perpetuating thing. It will not ever end. I am so thankful for that.

THIS NEW YEARS EVE was pretty low key. Dave had to work, so we spent the late night with family. Shot off fireworks, banged pots and pans, and rang in the new year with a good kiss. Can't wait to see what this next year will bring us!

a VERY MERRY belated christmas to you...

I have not written in almost a month...but I don't even feel bad about it. I took a much needed break from anything computer, internet, or technology related for a while and it was so rejuvinating. Christmas break seemed so much more enjoyable to be detached from the computer and to just spend time with good friends and family. We went home to California. It always feels good to be home home. We love our little home here in Provo, with just the two of us... but nothing really compares to California air, beaches, and and sunshine. Not that we saw much sunshine the whole time we were there... it rained for the first four days we were there, but we still loved it. Here is our break in review:

We went to the Griffith Observatory...a must see for anyone near the LA area. It really makes you think about how incredible our world and universe is. My dad used to work for JPL so we grew up looking at constellations and learning about planets with my dad. It was so fun for us to all go as a fam.

You can see all of LA from the top of Griffith Park. It's a stone's throw away from the Hollywood sign. Pretty amazing. Afterward we went to PINK'S in downtown. It's a super famous hot dog stand type place that has been around since the 30's! Good stuff. I had the Today Show dog. YUM.

CHRISTMAS EVE we spent baking in the morning. This is my favorite day of the break. We have all of our nearby family over and have a big dinner with the BEST food your mouth will ever be blessed to taste. We talk a lot about the year in retrospect and it is a time sharing great memories. We always read the Christmas story from the Bible. Then my Grandma Bost sits at the piano and we sing Christmas songs for at least a good hour. Grandpa is the best at hitting all the high notes!

OUR FIRST CHRISTMAS together was the perfect blend of fun, coziness, love, and time with family. Christmas morning we spent at the Facer home. It was the first Christmas that all four of the boys (Ske, Dave, Luke, and Stephen) were home together since 2006! We loved it. Then we headed over to the McAffee home for round 2. Let me just tell you that Christmas with two families is way cool. We are so lucky that our families live two minutes away from each other. Here we are in our Christmas flannels.

you caught me. sneaking a cookie. again. probably had like 8. no big right?

Christmas was the only day that wasn't pouring rain so of course we kept up with tradition and went surfing! We went to churches and had a grand old time. We had the facer crew, mcaffee crew, and a few other stragglers and completely dominated our own peak. Probably about fourteen people. We always have fun cheering and hooting for each other when you catch a good wave. At the same time, when you eat it you have a whole crew cracking up behind you. Pressure. Really though, it was a rad way to spend Christmas. I want to keep up this tradition for years to come!