embarrassment (ɪmˈbærəsmənt) — n 1. the state of being embarrassed

We went to Sundance last week to snowboard together. It was a grand time. The sun was out and it was such a pretty day! We finally got to the backside of the mountain and started riding down...midway down the run I had a couple of funky turns and realized that the strap holding my ankle in had snapped off. I'm just glad I didn't eat snow at this point because I really would have screwed up my knee or ankle or something. Sadly, we had to cut our good times short for the day because there was no way I could ride with a broken binding. Now here comes the embarrassing part...I had to ride the lift the OPPOSITE way ALL THE WAY back to base-camp from the backside of the mountain BY MYSELF! Dave said he would ride down and meet me at the bottom. So I board the lift and at first, try not to look at any riders passing me to avoid the utter shame of it all. Meanwhile, little ski groups of kids are going up the lift and saying things like, "What's wrong with her?" or "Is she scared?" I don't know why they thought I couldn't hear them at five feet away. Some even had the nerve to shout out, "You're going the wrong way!" My favorite comments came from a group of 3 ten-year-old boys that were all decked out in their gangster snowboarding gear. Their conversation went like this: 
"Dude, is she bailing?" 
"Yea bro, she bailed out." 
"She's a baiiiiiler."
The end.
Isn't that great? By this time I am chuckling to myself and just have to laugh about all the funny looks and comments I have been receiving. And to top it off, there was a worker standing on the top of one of those pole things shoveling snow off the platform...he wasn't expecting me to be coming the opposite way...needless to say I end up getting the fluffy stuff dumped on my head. What a day aye? It was a good way to start off the season...I guess it can only get better from here right?

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