she's a beauty

Got this little beaute on my doorstep today! My very own kitchenaid mixer. My mom has had hers for years and I have been looking forward to getting one ever since I got engaged. Seriously. One of the perks of getting married I guess. I just love the pistachio color. Cannot wait to learn some new recipes, though my mom already knows what I am going to make first...my favorite choc-oat-chip cookies. The sad thing is that they never actually make it to the oven. Gross? No. Absolutely delectable. Ok maybe a little unhealthy but oh so good. Cookie dough can be good in moderation right? Especially if it has oats in it.

Also, I'm the first to admit that I am no chef...in fact I probably only know a handful of recipes. Poor husband. But I am motivated to learn! Anyone have any good cooking tips/recipies??

P.S. If you would like some of the baked goods I will be whipping up over the next weeks let me know and I will surely drop some by!


carl and em said...
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Anonymous said...

oh i love the pistachio color. I have a chrome one and am obsessed with it. You will for sure be making a bunch of cookies! Please bring them to SLC:)