favorite halloween memory

:: This is an embarassing one. I was about 12 and my younger sister was probably 9. We were going trick or treating with my mom and I think my aunt and cousin Tiff were there. Anyways, we're walkin up this one hill  and these two guys came towards us wearing Scream masks carrying fake axes and stuff. I get REALLY spooked by stuff like that. They can tell I'm scared so they come up to me and are all breathing heavy and saying creepy stuff. I just freeze, and crouch down in a ball. They wouldn't stop. I don't know where my mom or aunt were...but next thing I know my YOUNGER sister comes over and starts smacking these guys with her candy-filled pillowcase and yelling "Leave my sister alone!!" Haha. She was swingin' homers, that candy bag was hitting them so hard, I'm surprised it didn't rip open! Then they start heading towards her so she goes up on some random person's lawn and yells, "You can't come up here...this is PRIVATE PROPERTY!" They were probably thinking what the heck, this crazy little girl is tough. So they finally peaced out. At the time I couldn't laugh about it, I was just thankful she was there. But now looking back, it is one of the funniest memories I have of us together. Good times.

Any of you who know my sister...she's a tough one. It's funny because my sister has always been like that to me. Very protective. And she's always been stronger! She could beat me in an arm wrestle any day. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Haha, love you Shan!!!


landed it.

Well, all that finger crossing worked (and maybe some hard work and answered prayers), and I got offered a job today. Not just any job, but the one that I have been wanting for over a month now. Thanks for all the well wishes. So stoked!

And since I know I will be asked, I am going to be working for Liberty Mutual as an Executive/HR Assistant. Chee hoo!


cinnamon toast and a book

(picture: stack of books in our house that I have collected this past year)
. The family just left today :( They were up here for a wedding (Kevin & Lea) and it was so good to relax and enjoy family time this weekend. You can always count on good story telling and intense games when McAffee family gets together. We love it.
. Still on the job hunt....but I think something will come through this week. Fingers crossed.
. Currently listening to christmas music on pandora. As soon as the cold weather hits, it is suddenly all I want to listen to. What is your favorite Christmas song? One of mine is "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey (so cheesy I know, but I can't help but get so happy and dance around when I hear it).
. Christmas music cannot be listened to without some cinnamon toast and a good book.
. Dave and I just finished reading The Help last night. We are going to see the movie tonight. Reading 500+ pages together was pretty neat, and we definitely channeled the southern accent by the end. I think we are going to find another book and keep doing it. I am also right in the middle of reading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. I have never read any of her books, but I am really enjoying this one. I definitely have to be wide awake when I read it though because the language is so foreign to me.
. Hope all of you are doing well and getting excited for the holidays, we sure are.


alpine slides and park city

A couple weekends ago we hit up Park City. We've never been there together and we've lived here now for over a year, so it was high time we check it out. We had heard about the alpine slides from Ashley and some other people, so that was our first stop. IT WAS SO RAD. Probably the most fun I've had in a long time. I'd say its even better than a rollercoaster because you are in charge of how fast it goes. Before we took off down the slope, Dave was all like "OK Court, I'm gonna go fast, but I'll slow down sometimes so we can be next to each other." Little did he know I was totally going to fly down that hill. I kept up with Dave the whole time...leanin into the turns, gunnin it down the drops...he kept laughing cause he couldn't believe I was keepin up with him. I even caught some air down one of the drops. Go big or go home right? He did end up winning, but I think it's just cause he's bigger than I am. Haha. We will definitely be doing that again.

Then we were getting hungry so we headed over to the historic main street of Park City. It's got a bunch of old shops, saloons, and restaurants similar to what you would find back in the day. Really cute place to walk around. Dave found Franz the Bear...he's a cuddler. We ate at the Red Banjo and had some bomb Chicken and Artichoke pizza. So good, and our whole meal was FREE because it took a while to get our food. Love it.

The weather was my favorite...chilly, crisp, and some sprinkles of rain throughout the day. Being up in the mountains just as the leaves were turning to oranges and reds made for a perfectly cozy daytrip.


good night moon.

Sundance moonlight ride.
breathing in cold autumn air
seeing moonlight fall over mountain and valley
remembering a thrill of winters and snow
talking of futures and hopes and plans
feeling a tight squeeze, keeping me warm

free ride.

The other day we went on a mini trip of sorts. Hopped on Dave's bike and rode the streets...our destination ended up being Golden Spoon for some peanut butter cup goodness. On the way there I felt a little like Zooey in Yes Man. Have you seen that movie? She has a jogging+photography class where they take pictures---while jogging. Well, I was her, except on the back of a moto. Most of the pictures were blurry, so we had fun trying to figure out what the heck I was trying to get a picture of. It is some good wind-in-the-face + laugh happy therapy. Good for anyone who feels a little uptight or stressed out. Try it.