one year

Today is our one year wedding anniversary...it was about this time that we were walking out of the temple as husband and wife. What a happy day that was! We took a look at all of our wedding pictures this morning, and had fun remembering that time of our lives. This year has flown by and I couldn't ask for a better time with anyone else. Dave is the man. If anything, this past year has shown me how well Dave and I fit together. We are stoked to have each other and look forward to the memories to come. Well, we are out to enjoy our anniversary... LOVE YOU DAVE.


happy birthday dad

happy birthday to the best dad a girl could ask for

reflections on putting down my spoon...

Dave's response to my pouting about how he ate the rest of my dessert when I left the room...

"You put down your spoon.
Putting down your spoon is like putting down your sword.
When you put down your sword, you surrender."

Ah, he makes me laugh.


weekend. out and about

Documenting for documenting's sake.

Friday. Bikeride to yogurtland. Up the monstrous hill. So worth it. While at yogurtland, we bought a cookbook from some UVU students. These engineer students at BYU and UVU found a way to make a prosthetic leg and distribute them for $20 instead of $5,000+. The proceeds of the cookbook are going towards prosthetic legs for amputees in Guatemala (where Dave served). We thought it was a good cause and were stoked to help.

Friday we also went to see Fictionist play in the Rooftop Concert Series (pic above found here). Fictionist is actually in a contest to be featured on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. Pretty cool. It was such a warm night and so fun to be out on this rooftop in downtown Provo listening to some good music. The ambiance was laidback with the hanging lanterns and lights. Dave even caught a free CD of theirs. Cheers to free stuff.

Saturday we rode our bikes some more. Off to DI and the river. Then to the pool with Bre and Scott Daly.

Sunday was MOTHER'S DAY. As you all know. So of course we called our wonderful mothers. My first year with two moms! And they are both just the lovliest. Love you both!

Sunday we substituted and taught the SUNBEAMS (3 year olds). Oh my. Favorite answer of the day...
(showing picture of mother bird and a nest of little birds)
Me: Who built the nest for the little birds?
Class: JESUS!
Amazing. They were adorable and quite the little rascals.

Sunday night. Went to Tom Hall's for a pancake party. Caught up with some old friends and watched the surf movie The Present by Thomas Campbell. Made us all feel like fish outta water.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too. Cheers.


sunday walk to church

Loving all the tulips around Provo.
Loving walking instead of driving.
Loving dave.


california rest in peace

We headed out to California last weekend for a much needed vacation. We had just finished finals and set out to drive through the night. Got a flat tire. The usual for us. Luckily it happened in Vegas, which is probably the only place on earth that has a 24 hr. mechanic shop open. The boys used their Spanish, we got a new tire, and we were back on the road to the homeland. We got in at 7 a.m. slept a couple hours, and then of course the boys headed out to get their a.m. surf on. The boys ended up surfing probably 5 times in the 5 days we were there, I got to surf two days. It was great weather, surprisingly great surf, and great company.


This was such a fun day! It was the Mcaffee + Facer day. We bocce balled it up,  surfed a couple hours, then came in to a much needed bonfire. It was a perfect way to end a perfect day. Had some awesome grilled burgers, chicken, and gooey s'mores. If you were to ask me what my ideal day would be...this would be it.


We split up the Easter fun between both families. Saturday night we had a really great dinner at the Facer house and then we dyed some eggs. I don't have any pictures of the eggs we dyed this year, but I will post pictures of the ones dave and I did last year. Last year Dave and I were in Hawaii! We had our own little easter egg hunt too...Anyways, We also spent some time doing a little WII dance with the Facers...here is just a peek into the awesomeness that was our dancing.

I guess the rest of the videos aren't loading right now...I'll add them later.

Easter Sunday we went to the Bost house (my grandparents) for a nice dinner and our classic tradition of a scavenger hunt to find a Trader Joe's One pound chocolate bar. Everyone picks a name and we all make clues for each other. It was also my brother Darren's 24th birthday. Happy birthday D.

DOHENY DAY 2 (last day)

Small doho, perfect little rollers, no one else out = deliciouso.
We surfed, we laughed, we cried, we LIVED. I think California can bring the best out of people. People chill more, they enjoy more, and they just LOVE LIFE. California always has a way of reminding me about the important things. No not just surfing or the beach, but family, good friends, spending time with those you love and enjoying all that you can. Good times were definitely had, can't wait to visit again.