oh hello world.

So I am crawling out of my cozy spot under a rock and I might actually start blogging again! Usually when people go absent from blogging for long spells it is because they have gotten pregnant or had a baby. Well I am here to inform you that neither of those is the case, we just had a crazy awesome summer in California.

California? Really? Yes. And it was crazy awesome. I got offered a job to nanny hang out with two rad kids in San Clemente for four months. Little skater-dude-surfer-groms, whose love of rocks and all things "boy" were right up our alley. We learned a lot, played a lot, and napped...a lot. Boys are exhausting!

Dave was down there shadowing, teaching surf lessons, and finding other odds and ends to keep busy and prepare for the scary of scary semesters (OCHEM!!). When not doing that, he was surfing, or with me, or surfing with me - just lovin life guys.

Outside of work we tried to live it up and soak up all that California had to offer - which was a lot. Family, surfing, and adventuring filled our days to the brim. The first half of the summer, my hours were lighter while the boys were in school. That meant we were surfing 3x a week and even squeezed in two road trips - one to Encinitas, and the other up and down the California coast. Serious memories were made. The computer I uploaded our pictures and videos on crashed, so I am anxiously waiting to see if I have any record of it. So sad.

The second half of summer things got super busy with work and I was working around 60-70 hours a week. Nutso. Instagramming even stopped (gasp!). But we made it out alive and still are so thankful and had so much fun.

Just for my own memory's sake, and for things I might elaborate on later, here is what we were up to from April to September...

- Finished winter semester and my last ever BYU class
- Moved to California

- Kari & Luke's wedding (25th)
- TWO year anniversary for us (28th)
- Celebrated our anniversary in the radical Encinitas (I would love to end up there someday)

- Birthday Bonanza: Mine (17th), Beaver's (18th), and Dave's (20th) - since our birthdays are three days apart, we have gotten in the habit of combining them...and we have done the same thing 4 years in a row (minus 1). We spend the whole day at Doheny. Surfing all day & night, and capping it off with a bonfire with friends and family. One of my favorite days all year.

- Tom & Katie Hall's wedding in Sacramento - roadtripped up the coast through Big Sur, Carmel, San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz, San Fransisco, and other cool scenes. The loveliest road trip of my life. Big Sur stole my heart.
- We left for our roadtrip on the 4th of July, so we got to see how different cities celebrated it on our way up the coast. We stopped in Ventura and ended up in Cayucos for fireworks and a bonfire with new friends.
- Dave did a 10-day work gig in central California, being apart is the pits.

- Work work work
- Last minute bucket list check marks

- Back in Provo
- Me starting a new job, and Dave starting the hardest semester to date. Three cheers for Dave!

We are getting back in the Provo groove, and I have to say - It's good to be back. Utah is beautiful this time of year, and I can't help but get excited for what lies ahead. I mean let's be real...I'm already listening to Christmas music...I'm one of those people.

Hopefully I will be back on here more regularly. In the meantime - cheers. And thank you to our families back home who hosted us this summer and made us feel so loved. We love you back.