those christmas lights....

 Wadsworth our christmas duck, just chillin...

This cute guy helped put up the tree and all the lights. Isn't he good looking?

We finally got our tree up! My family has a history of always using FAKE trees (beautiful, yet tacky)....and Dave's family always has real ones. Therefore, Dave had a pretty hard time convincing me to go with a real one (not). I loved going to the lot and picking out the perfect tree for us. And they smell so good. We love the ornaments too. Old school with a mix of dr. suess. Yes! Its finally starting to feel a little more like christmas. We can't wait to go home to California for the holidays. It will be a much needed break!

ch ch ch changesss.

Recently I decided it was time for a little change in the hair department. For those of you who know me, I am a pretty low key person and I have never dyed my hair in my life, so I thought to myself...if I'm going to make a change, why not go all the way? Go big or go home right? (Jonny Tsunami used to be my all-time crush). So I went to this cute lady Lexi and choped about 6 inches off my hair and dyed it super dark brown. It took a little getting used to but I really like it.

school. is. almost. done.

This has been the craziest week. I went to bed around 3 and 4 every night because I was working on this....

along with a handful of essays. Boy am I glad thats over. Now we just have finals to look forward to....hehe he. 


christmas lights - coldplay

Coldplay, my other love, just released this music video "Christmas Lights" and I dig it.

Speaking of Christmas lights...is it sad to mention that we have not one Christmas decoration up? Instead, we still have our 3 foot tall light up ghost to welcome us when we come home... "boo radley" as we like to call him. Awesome.  I guess that's what I can expect when I start listening to Christmas music in SEPTEMBER.  I am a  little burned out, but in order to kick myself back into the Christmas spirit...here is my list of things I love this time of year:
ice skating
mittens, hats, sweaters, and other cozys
picking out a tree
gingerbread houses with friends
finally taking a real vacation to see family in california for the holidays
Mariah Carey's christmas album
hot chocolate - sometimes 3 times a day
cinnamon candles
lights everywhere
snow that hasn't been stepped on
christmas sweaters
and the end of the semester. hallelujah