Squaw Peak Hike

Since we've been in Utah:

Dave is going to school and working part-time. He is a busy guy, but somehow he always finds time to be a great husband and dad too. I am staying home with Sally, and learning more and more everyday. I really do enjoy it. I think I am a homebody and I like trying to improve my domestic domain.

We have started back up our adventure Saturdays! We did this one winter a year or so ago, it really helped us make good use of our time and to get out there and enjoy life! These Utah winters can be gnarly and depressing, so it is always refreshing to just get out...even if it is just a drive up the canyon.

Since we've been back, we've done some fun things as a family.
Cheering on family at the St. George Marathon
Deer Valley Resort
Squaw Peak Hike
Alpine Loop
Drive-in movie (first time!)

Here's to another Utah winter! 


Sally 3 Months

Love to suck on your fists.

You finally take a pacifier! And you take it every time now.

No giggles yet. We're workin on it.

Your first accidental word "dada". Clear as a bell.

You like to grab your feet.

You like playing. Rocketship, swaddle attack, etc.

Your hair has flattened out :( it is still curly right after a bath. But it is a lot flatter. Still have a lot of hair but you have managed to rub a lot off.

You like to be sung to.

Went to Deer Valley and Yellowstone and Rexburg.

Met your Facer grandparents.

Like to sit in your bumbo. Can do it by yourself now.

Stopped talking for a little while but now it's back.

Roll from side to side a lot.

Still love looking at ceiling fans (too bad we don't have one).



PC: Steve and Clare Askar took some of these!

A few weekends ago, we decided to take off and go see Yellowstone. Dave had never been. We made a weekend out of it and visited Steven and Clare in Rexburg. It was such a good time. They toured us around Rexburg and BYUI (I was thoroughly impressed, I loved the campus atmosphere and the community vibe). They also came with us on our Yellowstone adventure.

We woke up early (6am) and left at 7am so we could get in the park during the morning hours. I love nature in the morning. Crisp air, animals to be seen, and just starting to feel the sun on your face. When we first drove in, we did a hike by Madison Campground. Dave had researched it earlier and had wanted to do it, it didn't disappoint! You hike about a 1/2 mile up through a narrow track with pines on either side of you. Once you get to the top of this little hill, there is a small lake covered in lillypads and surrounded by trees. It was serene and beautiful.

Then we drove the whole lower loop of the park and stopped to look at a some awesome geysers. We especially loved seeing the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. It was breathtaking - huge ravine, complete with a gorgeous waterfall. I also loved driving by the lake! I had no idea it was so expansive! Probably the prettiest lake I have ever seen. It had mountains on the far side with snow caps on top. And of course we stopped at Old Faithful.

Towards the end of our day we stopped at Madison Campground again. Clare took the boys down to the river - there was a little hot spring area that you could go in with your swimsuit. Dave said it felt like a warm bath, and it was awesome looking up and seeing mountains and trees all around him. (I stayed in the car with Sally and took an excellent nap).

It was such a fun trip. I love being able to adventure with my little family. I find so much joy in showing Sally some of my favorite things - the pines, the mountains, the animals. Where to next?

Deer Valley

One Saturday we decided to go check out the Deer Valley resort and area because we had never been. We filled up our thermos with cocoa and hit the road. It was cool and rainy, with a perfect atmosphere of misty mountains and water-dropped trees. The rain exaggerated the wonderful pine smell. Because we went during the off season, we were all by ourselves as we walked around. We felt like daredevils getting that picture of Sally on the chairlift.

As we headed down the mountain, we saw a sweet tram type thing that scaled up the side of a mountain. We found out it took guests up to the St. Regis hotel. How cool. So we took the little ride up and scoped it out.

We love exploring. It was a great day!


Sally 2 Months

You love to be sitting up. You use your abs to get there. (We help too).

You love your changing mat. And lying flat on your back is when we have our best talks.

You scoot. 3-4 feet. Do 360s. Etc. you are a MOVER. I already can't leave you for 2 seconds and you're barely 2 mos old.

You are working on rolling over.

Still like to be bounced facing outward. It's what puts you to sleep. I don't know how you can tell when we sit down with you, but you do and you cry. Up and about is your thing.

You smile and interact with us. No giggles yet. I can't wait.

You usually only wake up once during the night. Woohoo! You go to bed anywhere between 9-11pm. Wake up to eat between 4-5. Then sleep till 7-8. It works for us.

You know when you're getting tired and you get cranky.

Your sounds are oos and aahs and guh and you do this throat gargling/rolling r's/growling thing that's pretty awesome.

Your legs are super strong. Love to push off things and kick. You are still learning control of your arms...you still hit yourself in the face.

My favorite part of the day are the big smiles you give us in the morning when you wake up. It's as if you're saying, "These are my people! I missed you guys."

Pediatrician said you are a "serious" baby. I just think you are smart, and a thinker :) And your serious face is pretty cute.

Wrote this on 8/19/13 (About 6 Weeks Old) :

>>Started cooing and making sounds and interacting right around 1 month. Smiles a ton now. Is super happy in the morning when I greet her with a big smile and scoop her up. It's my favorite.
>>She is sleeping better at night! 5-6 hour stretches that feel like heaven.
>>Still likes being swaddled and it helps her sleep.
>>Had her first 2 flights - went to Colorado for her uncle Darren's wedding. She was a champ!
>>Baby Blessing
>>First Beach Day - and several more after that
>>Loves the bath. Just sits and chills and looks so comfortable.
>>She has her fussy days...but when we have had something big going on that she needs to be good for, she has really pulled through and been easy on us. I think she thrives on a productive and active day.
>>She has made little bubbles with her mouth since her first few days so we call her little crab.

Colorado :: Darren's Wedding

My older brother Darren got married to the raddest girl Corinne. They got married in Colorado just 5 weeks after Sally was born. So it was her first flight! She did great and slept most of the time.

The sealing was wonderful, and the reception was to die for. So beautiful! We are so happy for those two.

While we were in Colorado, we wanted to make the most of it. So we went to a wildlife reserve the morning of the wedding, and then on Saturday we drove up through the Rocky Mountains and ended our day touring around Boulder. I was impressed by Colorado! I love how many people were on their bikes and just out and about walking places. No wonder they are the fittest state.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time, and we are grateful that Sally is such a trooper!


Camping Leo Carillo

The last week before we headed back to Utah, we decided to go up and camp Leo Carillo. It had been on our bucket list since last summer and we just had to make it happen. We drove up on a Wednesday morning and were able to make a same-day reservation. And we seriously got the best lot in the campground! It was perfect - lots of shade, privacy, and space. We set up camp and then headed down to Leo Carillo beach. It was SO windy. We had all our gear - stroller, carseat, beach umbrella, towels, diaper bag, surfboards, wetsuits, etc. It was nuts. We found shelter in a half moon stack of rocks and bunkered down. I hung out with Sally while Dave caught some super fun waves with his best buddy Andrew and his wife Steph. I love seeing my man surf - he always had such a huge smile on his face.

Afterwards, we headed back to camp and cooked up a dinner, roasted mallows, and talked around our fire-pit with our good friends. Ah, I love it. Got to bed late, and I hardly slept. I was constantly checking to see if Sally was too hot/cold etc. She slept awesome though!

Morning came, Dave made THE BEST brekkie, and we packed up. We then went and hiked along the ridge of Leo and checked out a couple caves. We came here when we were dating back in the day, and it was sweet to be back with our little girl. Crazy how time flies. I am thankful I have spent the years in-between with my best friend. Dave is the man. Anyway - we checked the surf ... but decided to head on down the coast because Dave had work that afternoon.

As we are about to pass Malibu, Dave turns to me and says, "What if Malibu is just breaking perfectly?" And I say, "Then you go out." He then rattles off a ton of excuses as to why he shouldn't surf (work, me with the baby, etc. etc.)...but I knew that I was going to get him out there. Malibu is his heaven. He used to go there with buddies and his brothers back when they lived in La Canada. So nostalgic for him.

Sure enough, as we are passing Malibu, is has just these perfect peeling rights, perfect size. Dave gets a huge grin on his face, and covers his mouth.."Oh my gosh," he says. I say, "You're going." We had to flip a U-ey, we park in a perfect spot across the street. And Dave keeps saying, "Are you sure?" All the while he is suiting up, and just can't stop smiling.

I hung out under our umbrella with Sally bear, and we got to watch Dave in his element. I've said it before - one of my favorite things to do is watch Dave surf - sure I love to surf myself, but to see the joy that it brings him is awesome.

He surfed for just an hour, but that was just enough to catch some sweet rides.

Back in the car we went, with a new set of memories to keep us company.