Camping Leo Carillo

The last week before we headed back to Utah, we decided to go up and camp Leo Carillo. It had been on our bucket list since last summer and we just had to make it happen. We drove up on a Wednesday morning and were able to make a same-day reservation. And we seriously got the best lot in the campground! It was perfect - lots of shade, privacy, and space. We set up camp and then headed down to Leo Carillo beach. It was SO windy. We had all our gear - stroller, carseat, beach umbrella, towels, diaper bag, surfboards, wetsuits, etc. It was nuts. We found shelter in a half moon stack of rocks and bunkered down. I hung out with Sally while Dave caught some super fun waves with his best buddy Andrew and his wife Steph. I love seeing my man surf - he always had such a huge smile on his face.

Afterwards, we headed back to camp and cooked up a dinner, roasted mallows, and talked around our fire-pit with our good friends. Ah, I love it. Got to bed late, and I hardly slept. I was constantly checking to see if Sally was too hot/cold etc. She slept awesome though!

Morning came, Dave made THE BEST brekkie, and we packed up. We then went and hiked along the ridge of Leo and checked out a couple caves. We came here when we were dating back in the day, and it was sweet to be back with our little girl. Crazy how time flies. I am thankful I have spent the years in-between with my best friend. Dave is the man. Anyway - we checked the surf ... but decided to head on down the coast because Dave had work that afternoon.

As we are about to pass Malibu, Dave turns to me and says, "What if Malibu is just breaking perfectly?" And I say, "Then you go out." He then rattles off a ton of excuses as to why he shouldn't surf (work, me with the baby, etc. etc.)...but I knew that I was going to get him out there. Malibu is his heaven. He used to go there with buddies and his brothers back when they lived in La Canada. So nostalgic for him.

Sure enough, as we are passing Malibu, is has just these perfect peeling rights, perfect size. Dave gets a huge grin on his face, and covers his mouth.."Oh my gosh," he says. I say, "You're going." We had to flip a U-ey, we park in a perfect spot across the street. And Dave keeps saying, "Are you sure?" All the while he is suiting up, and just can't stop smiling.

I hung out under our umbrella with Sally bear, and we got to watch Dave in his element. I've said it before - one of my favorite things to do is watch Dave surf - sure I love to surf myself, but to see the joy that it brings him is awesome.

He surfed for just an hour, but that was just enough to catch some sweet rides.

Back in the car we went, with a new set of memories to keep us company.


Anonymous said...

My wife is the greatest for letting me get my 'Bu fix while she hung on the beach. I'm one lucky dude.
- Dave

Ashley Kirkland said...

ohhh I miss Malibu so much!!!!!! lots of fun times with the facers surfing the bu. this makes me want to go home so bad. And camp Leo Carrillo! Thats so awesome that you guys got to do that with the babe!