Squaw Peak Hike

Since we've been in Utah:

Dave is going to school and working part-time. He is a busy guy, but somehow he always finds time to be a great husband and dad too. I am staying home with Sally, and learning more and more everyday. I really do enjoy it. I think I am a homebody and I like trying to improve my domestic domain.

We have started back up our adventure Saturdays! We did this one winter a year or so ago, it really helped us make good use of our time and to get out there and enjoy life! These Utah winters can be gnarly and depressing, so it is always refreshing to just get out...even if it is just a drive up the canyon.

Since we've been back, we've done some fun things as a family.
Cheering on family at the St. George Marathon
Deer Valley Resort
Squaw Peak Hike
Alpine Loop
Drive-in movie (first time!)

Here's to another Utah winter! 

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Ashley Kirkland said...

Let's do winter activities together!