Sally 1 Month

W E E K  1

Sally has been such a sweet blessing to us. From the moment she was born she has been a calm and happy baby. (We hope it lasts :) week 1 was surreal. We could not stop staring at her and all her unique expressions and noises. All the things I was worried about came naturally to me - holding her, feeding her, etc. I do not have any experience with babies, but she has made it easy on us. She usually only cries when she is hungry. She doesn't even cry with diaper changes . She is always hungry though. Sally has been cluster feeding just bout every night from 1-6 am. That makes for a tired mama. Now that we've settled more, I'm learning to nap when she naps...I just feel like I never get anything done! Sitting down to write these things out has left other things unattended, but these are times I want to remember.

F i r s t s:
This was a week of all firsts! First breath, first time looking at mom and dad, first diapers, and first hugs. We loved it all.
Car ride
Sponge bath
Walk in stroller
Sitting outside
Getting sung to by grandma and grandpa
Hanging out at Facer house
First music - Mason Jennings

I had my first bout of nostalgia already. I was clearing out my dresser of all my maternity clothes I wouldn't be wearing anymore, and replaced them with my regular clothes. As I picked up each shirt, I could remember different stages of my pregnancy and the many months I carried her inside me. From Utah to California, this little babe was carried and loved. I still can't believe she is here. That I am a mom. That I will have forever with our sweet Sally. It is hard to take it all in!

Dave has taken so well to fatherhood, just as I knew he would. Dave was born to one day be a great dad. He loves Sally so much. They are already close buddies- he calms her like nobody else and he loves just being right by her side. Dave has been amazing with my hard recovery...he helps out wherever he can and then goes and works 10 hour days. He is amazing.

W E E K  2

Week 2 has started out rough. The night of day 6 I came down with a fever and chills and body aches within 15 minutes...my whole body shut down. This is what I had been dreading. Breast feeding had been going so well! Nothing too painful, no weird issues, and I was happy we were getting through it. After a visit to the dr. The next morning, she took one look at me and yep...I had mastitis. Just like my mom and her mom. So here we are day 10 and I'm still not feeling too hot. Last night I was crying and in a lot of pain and asked dave, " Will I ever feel normal again?" I was so sad. It is hard to have a newborn that you just want to love and snuggle all day, but you are feeling so sick you can't even move. The hardest part has been emotional. I know these newborn days are fleeting, and I feel like I haven't been able to fully enjoy and soak in everything because of this darn infection. Luckily Sally is so easy to love. She has been the silver lining, and she makes it worth all the pain. I just can't wait until I start feeling better so we can start doing things together! For now, I am enjoying the froggy hugs, after-eating stretches, squeaks, snorts, toots, and snuggles.

W E E K  3

Week 3 was much better than week 2 that's for sure! We got out of the house more. We took Sally for a walk down in Dana point by the harbor. It was so refreshing to be by the ocean and feel that nice breeze. Sal slept the whole time :) we also took her on her first shopping trip - Anthropologie was the first stop.

Our biggest outing was to the stake Pioneer Day picnic. I was so nervous, my heart was pounding as we walked over haha. Sally just slept in her stroller the whole time. Lots of our ward friends got a peek of her.

Sally got to meet 2 sets of her great grandparents! G and g bost came by after Pioneer Day. G and g Haymond drove all the way down from Utah to meet their newest great granddaughter :) It was so great.

W E E K  4

Wednesday we had a little going away shindig for Luke and Kari since they are moving to Hawaii. It was so sad to say goodbye. We will miss them!

Sally has become so much more observant and she loves looking at faces. Just in these past couple days she really loves looking you right in the eyes. I love the deep blue-grey color of her eyes. I wonder what color they will end up as. Her hair has lightened and has hints of strawberry in it. After her baths her hair gets super curly on top. Such a surprise.

 She looooves lifting up her head and has from day one. Right after they placed her on my chest in the hospital she started lifting her head right up. Now she loves to be held froggy style but to have her head up and back so she can see your face. She loves looking out of windows. And she loves being outside, it is a good way to calm her.

We are getting the hang of knowing what her cries or grunts are for. Luckily once we find the right solution she calms right down. She loves being swaddled and it is the best way to get her to sleep.

We have been getting more sleep around here hallelujah! She will now typically sleep for 3 hour stretches at night which has been so nice for me. I no longer feel like a zombie!

I am loving being her mama. It is so fulfilling. I love that it is my duty and something that I can give 100% to everyday.

Little crab (cause she bubbles)
Sally bear
Little sloth

Sweetest and most beautiful baby ever!
Mellow disposition
Tiny toes
Soft, wrinkly back
Tons of dark brown hair! Curly too (It has now lightened to light brown with strawberry in it...go figure!)
3 red birthmarks

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