Sally 2 Months

You love to be sitting up. You use your abs to get there. (We help too).

You love your changing mat. And lying flat on your back is when we have our best talks.

You scoot. 3-4 feet. Do 360s. Etc. you are a MOVER. I already can't leave you for 2 seconds and you're barely 2 mos old.

You are working on rolling over.

Still like to be bounced facing outward. It's what puts you to sleep. I don't know how you can tell when we sit down with you, but you do and you cry. Up and about is your thing.

You smile and interact with us. No giggles yet. I can't wait.

You usually only wake up once during the night. Woohoo! You go to bed anywhere between 9-11pm. Wake up to eat between 4-5. Then sleep till 7-8. It works for us.

You know when you're getting tired and you get cranky.

Your sounds are oos and aahs and guh and you do this throat gargling/rolling r's/growling thing that's pretty awesome.

Your legs are super strong. Love to push off things and kick. You are still learning control of your arms...you still hit yourself in the face.

My favorite part of the day are the big smiles you give us in the morning when you wake up. It's as if you're saying, "These are my people! I missed you guys."

Pediatrician said you are a "serious" baby. I just think you are smart, and a thinker :) And your serious face is pretty cute.

Wrote this on 8/19/13 (About 6 Weeks Old) :

>>Started cooing and making sounds and interacting right around 1 month. Smiles a ton now. Is super happy in the morning when I greet her with a big smile and scoop her up. It's my favorite.
>>She is sleeping better at night! 5-6 hour stretches that feel like heaven.
>>Still likes being swaddled and it helps her sleep.
>>Had her first 2 flights - went to Colorado for her uncle Darren's wedding. She was a champ!
>>Baby Blessing
>>First Beach Day - and several more after that
>>Loves the bath. Just sits and chills and looks so comfortable.
>>She has her fussy days...but when we have had something big going on that she needs to be good for, she has really pulled through and been easy on us. I think she thrives on a productive and active day.
>>She has made little bubbles with her mouth since her first few days so we call her little crab.

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