Sally 3 Months

Love to suck on your fists.

You finally take a pacifier! And you take it every time now.

No giggles yet. We're workin on it.

Your first accidental word "dada". Clear as a bell.

You like to grab your feet.

You like playing. Rocketship, swaddle attack, etc.

Your hair has flattened out :( it is still curly right after a bath. But it is a lot flatter. Still have a lot of hair but you have managed to rub a lot off.

You like to be sung to.

Went to Deer Valley and Yellowstone and Rexburg.

Met your Facer grandparents.

Like to sit in your bumbo. Can do it by yourself now.

Stopped talking for a little while but now it's back.

Roll from side to side a lot.

Still love looking at ceiling fans (too bad we don't have one).

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