warm december.

It was a warm december and a good one at that. Dave was busy with finals and I have been busy getting used to my full-time job, but we still managed to have some really good times. I'm probably going to break up these events into a couple posts.


We went to a tree lot and picked out a little tree. I want to keep this as a family tradition to get real christmas trees. Even if they are small. It's that evergreen smell and running around the lot trying to find the perfect tree that does it for me. Well, I actually wouldn't come close to calling our tree perfect. We tend to go with trees that have a little quirk. Dave prefers the "mountain grown" strong/fighter/lopsided trees to the "farm grown" sissy trees. And I'd have to agree. We haven't been let down yet...our tree is still green and goin strong.


Lights at temple square quad-date with Sean & Jenny Fitz, Tom Hall & girlfriend Katie, and Kaila & John. It was super cold this night, which is why we went to Hatch's and got ice cream shakes after. Duh. Ended the night with a cooz session. Perfect date.


This happened. We don't have a kitchen timer, so I usually just keep an eye on the clock.... Forgot to keep an eye on the clock. Sugar cookies for the birds. I call it Christmas service.

Dave finished finals. He got offered a TA position for nutrition. Nice dear! And we left for California. To be continued...