don't even get me started...

- One more final and Dave and I are California bound. Then we'll be right back here on Tuesday for Spring term. Oh goody. Actually I am looking forward to it...less classes, more sunshine, more good times to be had.
- I basically have totally ignored the blog for the whole month of March and part of April. Winter semester somehow always turns into a black hole for me. So, just gonna regurge the few and the proud cool things that happened: Grandparents came to visit...went to the MOA; 3 best friend birthdays: Kari, Melina, Sara; General Conference...honestly not much has been going on in the Facer household.

Here are a few pictures from recent events:

Flowers and a postcard I painted for Sara's birthday. We went to Gloria's Little Italy (where Dave works) with a bunch of her close friends. Fun night!
My two other best friends currently live in other countries so I wasn't able to celebrate with them. So bummed! Kari is in Argentina on a mission, and Melina lives in Sweden!

General Conference was amazing. Secret and Bing came, along with some of our other friends from California. It was a good time. We went on Saturday and got into both sessions. I love to hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir live. They are sensational.
Sunday we spent conference at Dave's grandparents house in Provo (with the Haymonds). I loved it. We even broke out grandpa's old BYU yearbooks from the 50's and had a grand time laughing at how much things have changed. My favorite was the title heading the women's sports section...it read: "Women's Sports...A sport for the weaker..." I kid not. Isn't that great? I was laughing so hard. I thought I would get a kick outta the old school hair styles and clothes...but to be honest, it looks a lot like what the majority of the trendy kids wear now. Check it out...

Look familiar?

Regular postings to follow...as soon as we get back from California. And while on the subject of yearbooks...HAGS to all you folks who are done with school. Have a great summer.