alpine slides and park city

A couple weekends ago we hit up Park City. We've never been there together and we've lived here now for over a year, so it was high time we check it out. We had heard about the alpine slides from Ashley and some other people, so that was our first stop. IT WAS SO RAD. Probably the most fun I've had in a long time. I'd say its even better than a rollercoaster because you are in charge of how fast it goes. Before we took off down the slope, Dave was all like "OK Court, I'm gonna go fast, but I'll slow down sometimes so we can be next to each other." Little did he know I was totally going to fly down that hill. I kept up with Dave the whole time...leanin into the turns, gunnin it down the drops...he kept laughing cause he couldn't believe I was keepin up with him. I even caught some air down one of the drops. Go big or go home right? He did end up winning, but I think it's just cause he's bigger than I am. Haha. We will definitely be doing that again.

Then we were getting hungry so we headed over to the historic main street of Park City. It's got a bunch of old shops, saloons, and restaurants similar to what you would find back in the day. Really cute place to walk around. Dave found Franz the Bear...he's a cuddler. We ate at the Red Banjo and had some bomb Chicken and Artichoke pizza. So good, and our whole meal was FREE because it took a while to get our food. Love it.

The weather was my favorite...chilly, crisp, and some sprinkles of rain throughout the day. Being up in the mountains just as the leaves were turning to oranges and reds made for a perfectly cozy daytrip.

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Cash said...

Love the alpine slides!!! I'm glad you guys went up there. I ran into dave at the bookstore..we need to hang out with you guys sooon!!!