favorite halloween memory

:: This is an embarassing one. I was about 12 and my younger sister was probably 9. We were going trick or treating with my mom and I think my aunt and cousin Tiff were there. Anyways, we're walkin up this one hill  and these two guys came towards us wearing Scream masks carrying fake axes and stuff. I get REALLY spooked by stuff like that. They can tell I'm scared so they come up to me and are all breathing heavy and saying creepy stuff. I just freeze, and crouch down in a ball. They wouldn't stop. I don't know where my mom or aunt were...but next thing I know my YOUNGER sister comes over and starts smacking these guys with her candy-filled pillowcase and yelling "Leave my sister alone!!" Haha. She was swingin' homers, that candy bag was hitting them so hard, I'm surprised it didn't rip open! Then they start heading towards her so she goes up on some random person's lawn and yells, "You can't come up here...this is PRIVATE PROPERTY!" They were probably thinking what the heck, this crazy little girl is tough. So they finally peaced out. At the time I couldn't laugh about it, I was just thankful she was there. But now looking back, it is one of the funniest memories I have of us together. Good times.

Any of you who know my sister...she's a tough one. It's funny because my sister has always been like that to me. Very protective. And she's always been stronger! She could beat me in an arm wrestle any day. Shouldn't it be the other way around? Haha, love you Shan!!!

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