its in hawaii iiai iiai iiai...(canal house you know whats up)

So I am missing something a lot right now. It is not a person. It is not a thing. It is a place. You guessed it...Hawaii. Laie, Oahu to be exact. And I guess I am also missing the tan that went with it. Compare if you'd like


to JANUARY 2011.

Notice any difference? SHEEEEESH. What are we thinking? Runs through my mind right about now. haha, we like provo, but nothing compares to the island. hooo bruddha

This time last year Dave and I were just settling in to island life. chee hoo. We hopped on a plane and flew over the ocean..
And landed here...

This was where I lived. The canal house. Located right on the sand. Approximately 30 steps away from the waves and sunshine. These are the most amazing girls that I met there. My roommates: Kristine, Kelsea (practically a roommate), Ashley Flake, Ashley Aikele, and Paris!

These girls were the sun to my shine. We had way too many late night laughs, dance parties, and embarassing moments to count. Miss them so much!

We also hung out a lot with one of Dave's best friends and his fiancee. Now, Andrew and Stephanie Townsend. We wish they would move to the mainland already so we could see them more! Always good times with those two.

There are WAY to many good things to remember about Hawaii, but I have segmented our favorite parts in no particular order:


There were these HUGE trees that had super long vines. We swung from them like Tarzan.

Waikiki was the place we went longboarding a few times. We also came here for Valentine's Day and ate at DUKE'S. The best fish I have ever had. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to document.


MAUNAWI I's was one of our favorite spots. It's a super rad hike that opens up into a huge pool of water with a waterfall. There were three different levels you could jump off of. The level in the video is the second highest, above that is about a 60 ft. jump! Gnarly.

THE POINT. right in my backyard.

TEMPLE BEACH. the beach the canal house (where i stayed) was on

There are so many other favorite places of ours that we just don't have pictures of. Kahuku Grill, BYU-I, Turtle Bay, Castles, and so many others. Hawaii really is an AMAZING place and we had so much fun there. We met some of the greatest people we know and had some of the best times of our lives. Not to mention we survived the tsunami of 2010! (What a joke). Thanks Hawaii for being great to us. We promise we'll make a visit soon.

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danielle.marie said...

you're making me miss it and i haven't even left yet! oh how i dread the day when i don't come back :(