a VERY MERRY belated christmas to you...

I have not written in almost a month...but I don't even feel bad about it. I took a much needed break from anything computer, internet, or technology related for a while and it was so rejuvinating. Christmas break seemed so much more enjoyable to be detached from the computer and to just spend time with good friends and family. We went home to California. It always feels good to be home home. We love our little home here in Provo, with just the two of us... but nothing really compares to California air, beaches, and and sunshine. Not that we saw much sunshine the whole time we were there... it rained for the first four days we were there, but we still loved it. Here is our break in review:

We went to the Griffith Observatory...a must see for anyone near the LA area. It really makes you think about how incredible our world and universe is. My dad used to work for JPL so we grew up looking at constellations and learning about planets with my dad. It was so fun for us to all go as a fam.

You can see all of LA from the top of Griffith Park. It's a stone's throw away from the Hollywood sign. Pretty amazing. Afterward we went to PINK'S in downtown. It's a super famous hot dog stand type place that has been around since the 30's! Good stuff. I had the Today Show dog. YUM.

CHRISTMAS EVE we spent baking in the morning. This is my favorite day of the break. We have all of our nearby family over and have a big dinner with the BEST food your mouth will ever be blessed to taste. We talk a lot about the year in retrospect and it is a time sharing great memories. We always read the Christmas story from the Bible. Then my Grandma Bost sits at the piano and we sing Christmas songs for at least a good hour. Grandpa is the best at hitting all the high notes!

OUR FIRST CHRISTMAS together was the perfect blend of fun, coziness, love, and time with family. Christmas morning we spent at the Facer home. It was the first Christmas that all four of the boys (Ske, Dave, Luke, and Stephen) were home together since 2006! We loved it. Then we headed over to the McAffee home for round 2. Let me just tell you that Christmas with two families is way cool. We are so lucky that our families live two minutes away from each other. Here we are in our Christmas flannels.

you caught me. sneaking a cookie. again. probably had like 8. no big right?

Christmas was the only day that wasn't pouring rain so of course we kept up with tradition and went surfing! We went to churches and had a grand old time. We had the facer crew, mcaffee crew, and a few other stragglers and completely dominated our own peak. Probably about fourteen people. We always have fun cheering and hooting for each other when you catch a good wave. At the same time, when you eat it you have a whole crew cracking up behind you. Pressure. Really though, it was a rad way to spend Christmas. I want to keep up this tradition for years to come!

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