keepin it real.

Right now I am working full-time and taking 6 credits of school, and Dave is a full-time student and part-time TA. As you can imagine, we don't get out much. But on weekends we DO! Before this semester started, Dave and I decided to have Dave quit his restaurant job. For the first year and a half of our marriage Dave worked EVERY weekend. Friday AND Saturday. This meant no weekend dates, no weekend trips, etc. It was rough. We felt like we were missing out on a lot, and it was hard to balance our time. Even though we are busy now, having our weekends together has been amazing. Saturdays are now our adventure days.

The months of January and February have gone by so fast. I feel like I am finally adapting and fully enjoying Utah winters. That being said, this winter has been a super tame one so far...hardly any snow and relatively warm temperatures...lucky us. During these winter months in Utah it is so easy to just go into "hibernation mode." This year, Dave and I made a goal to make the most of our winter - get outside, move yo body, and be in nature. We have had so much fun.

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