a summer escapade in winter

Over Christmas...(yes still catching up)...Dave and I went on a little escapade to Laguna with our comrades and best friends Luke and Kari (who are now engaged to be married! happy day!).

It was so beautiful and clear this day. We went to Cresent Bay, a favorite spot. Dave and I hiked around the rocks you see in the bottom picture. It takes you around to a little bay with tons of sea glass and broken shells. So we put some in our pockets. Dave had shoes on, so he was jumping around and being brave and stuff. He was also was my rescuer and carried me piggy back all the way back to camp because I had no shoes. What a dear.

That night we went to the old Laguna theatre right on main beach and watched Sherlock Holmes 2. That was a goodie.

We sure love hanging out with these two and can't wait for Kari to be part of the family!

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