leap year.

Februaries Past

February 2006 - Just friends here

2007-08 Dave Mission, Me BYU

February 2009 - Dating (we were about to ride his moto down to Thalia)

February 2010 - Engaged, Laie, Hawaii

February 2011 - Married, Provo, UT

February 2012 - Provo, UT (still)

Well today is leap day. And I got to thinking about what I was doing 4 years ago the last time this happened. It was 2008. I was at BYU and Dave was on his mission. I would read his missionary letters that his family would forward to me, and in the back of my mind I wondered if we would fall back into being good friends after his mission. I wondered if we would even live in the same state. I wondered if he would ever ask me on a date. He promised he would...back when I was 16. And I was still waiting on that promise.

The leap day before that would take me to 2004. My freshman year of high school. The Facer family had moved into our ward in Mission Viejo, CA. Our parents had been good friends when we were all little, so when they moved into town our families became close.

I remember the first day that I met Dave, for reals. His family was unloading a truck full of stuff from the move...their 20 surfboards were scattered all over the lawn. I was sitting on their front brick steps when suddenly this hunk of a 16 year old with long blonde hair came up and just started talking to me. I was like WOAH. This guy. He is fanTAStic. That night our ward had a beach bonfire at T-street. Ske, Luke, and Dave stayed out in the water surfing the whole time, they were a little anti-social that day. All the girls in the ward called dibs on Ske...he had long blonde hair and played guitar...and they were all about it. And I was OK with that. We all know why. My fire was already burnin'. And so, my secret crush on Dave started.

Within that first year they became my second family. I was at their house everyday. Clare Facer (Dave's little sister) was three years younger than me, but we became best friends. She taught me so much about actually living and enjoying life. She was my soul sister. I could laugh and laugh with that girl. She still is my best friend...and now we are sisters (look at what two leap days can do!). Kari Amundsen, my other best friend, also became really close with the Facer family..so close that her and Luke (Dave's younger bro) hit it off and two leap days later they are getting married! And I get to be sisters with her now too! Score. Who gets to have that. Seriously. OK back to the story. So high school...we were all such good friends. The boys had their surf crew. Sometimes us girls would tag along. At this time I mainly hung out with Clare, Luke and Kari. Dave had a girlfriend for most of junior and senior year of high school, so that kept him busy. Looking back I am glad that he did. Because of it we were able to develop such a great friendship with almost no flirting! We just genuinely thought each other was "cool." I still had my secret crush on Dave but I tried to keep it mellow. People since then have told me it wasn't so secret...I guess it was pretty obvious. Oops.

It's fun to look back and remember the moments and memories that have led me to now. I love how my life and Dave's life have been intertwined since we were wee ones. I find so much joy and purpose in that. Leap years are rad and I hope every leap year I can pause and reflect on year's past. I didn't really make new year's resolutions this year, so maybe I'll make leap year resolutions. Goals or milestones I want to make happen in the next four years. I'll think about it and maybe I'll be back on here to share them. Here's to 2016!

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Nathan and Kaitlin said...

hahaha Courtney this is so cute! I definitely knew about the "secret crush" :)