Sally 4 Months

You roll to your tummy, but only one direction. Sometimes you get in a rolling frenzy and just do it over, and over, and over. Mostly during diaper changes - lucky me!

First giggles! Made my heart swell. Your first laugh was the day after you turned 3 months old. You laugh a lot now. We have to work for it (tickling, funny sounds, raspberries). It is the best!

You still blow bubbles with your mouth, but now you can buzz your lips real good.

You don't nap. Yeah. Like at all. I've gotta get that figured out. 

Night sleeping is great now. You go to bed around 9, and you stay asleep until around 7, then sometimes you sleep a little longer after that.

Your favorite sleep position is hands behind the head, and legs in a froggy. We call it your relaxin' pose.

You're starting to play with things a lot more. You love the good crinkle of a Top Ramen package. (Not that we eat that :)

You love when we make the "raaaaawr" sound and you open your mouth and crinkle your nose like you are trying to copy us. So cute.

Had your first baby hangout. And coincidentally you tasted your first piece of - catfood. Your 18-month old friend thought you could use a treat just like the kitty, and she plopped a piece right in your unsuspecting little mouth. (I fished it out of your mouth real quick). It was pretty funny though, but I would guess from your face that it wasn't the best flavor. 

Visited St. George, Las Vegas, and California. Had your 3rd flight! Just you and mommy this time – a little rough. You were “exercising your vocal chords” until you finally conked out in my arms – I was rocking you in the middle of the isle for a good 45 minutes :)

You take a bath like a big girl lying down in the tub. You kick, kick, kick those legs and love to splash. Lots of squeals of delight too. I call you "my little mermaid" because you love the water and your curls of reddish hair float and flow like Ariel!

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