California Dreamin'

What a beautiful week!

Dave had an interview at UNLV on Nov. 1st. We spent the night at our good friend's casa (thanks Tyler and Sarah!) and we had so much fun. I loved hangin out with ma girl and her sweet little guy Trey. We have missed them!

Initially we were just going to go to Vegas and come back, but the fact that home sweet home CA is only a short 4 hours from there kept coaxing us with thoughts of sunshine, waves, and family. It didn't take much convincing. Dave was only able to be there until Sunday - darn school. But I was able to stick around for the whole week (my excuse was dr. appts and helping my sis plan her wedding, she flew in from HI).

Sally and I missed Dave SO SO much. Nonetheless, a great time was had. The surf report said "flat" pretty much all week - which is my cuppa tea! There were micro perfect little peelers all week, without the crowd. We went to the beach four different days, and I got to surf three times! So refreshing and rejuvenating. Can't wait until I can take little Sally out there. She's gonna be a shredda. Well, if Dave teaches her.

To our families - thank you for the awesome time we had! We already miss you. But we will be back soon, as the ocean keeps a callin'.

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