Sally 5 Months

You roll all ways and directions now.

You have found your feet and love to play with your toes and pull off socks.

Not the best sleeper anymore. I think the visiting CA twice threw you completely off, and now you wake up all the time at night. I think you just want to hang out with me :) Thing is - we can't really try to work on it until after Christmas, because it's just gonna get crazy again. Hopefully we can all get enough sleep around here in the meantime!

You are starting to get interested in animals. We went to the duck pond to watch the ducks and you were fascinated. You would whip your head around so quick with every "quack." 

You make all sorts of sounds, you do like this rolling "r" in the back of the throat. Kinda like you're gargling. Super cute.

You fit in your jumper now and you love just spinning around. Haven't quite figured out how to jump.

You love when we hold you up under your arms and you take steps and walk around (you have actually loved this for a long time - but I am just now documenting it). 

We call your fingers little "wedges" because they are shaped like pudgey triangles. 

You do these awesome wiggles. You are on your back with your hands on your hips and you wag your head from side to side and kick your legs and smile super big. It is one of my favorite Sally things.

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