Sally 6 Months

Scooting. You put your head down and use it as leverage to scoot toward what you want.

Spent 2.5 weeks in California this month! You were loving being outside so much. You got to play in the sand and on the back of a surfboard.

You got your legs dipped in the jacuzzi with Grandma Facer and Auntie Clare.

You had your 4th flight! You were a dream! Much easier than the last flight.

You started sitting up on your own right before you turned 6 months.

We started solids a couple weeks ago. Oatmeal, Sweet Potatoes, and Butternut Squash are the staples.

We are getting antsy being inside all winter – you dislike the cold as much as I do. Putting on a coat is a s-t-r-u-g-g-l-e. So we are trying to get creative with fun things to do. We go to the library for story-time, walks when it’s not to bitter, trips to the mall and target (which is actually still enjoyable without spending money - everything is so shiny, and organized, and pretty :), baby-dates, and we go watch dad in his diving class. The first time we went to the diving class, you were a little unsure of the noise of the splashing and the bang of the diving-board, you were clinging to me so tight. I loved it.

Sometimes when I'm holding you and you don't want to get put down, you grab the sides of my neck and hair and jump up with your legs so they are tucked under. You only do this with me. It's like you've got your reins and you're not letting go!

I hold you in my arms and dance and spin you around – this brings a big smile to your face. You like music and always try to touch the radio.

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