summer plans

We are so excited for summer! Have I emphasized that enough? The first part of summer will be mediocre. 3 classes Spring term and 3 classes Summer term, plus working 20hrs. a week. But in between we hope to fit in some pool time, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, hikes, river, bike rides, fishing, camping, and all the other fun things Provo has to offer. The really fun part of summer will come in August. Well fun in some respects. Dave and I will be apart for 2 weeks, which will completely suck cause we don't know how to be without each other and haven't been apart since we've been married. But it will be worth it. Dave will be spending some time here
visiting these people:

staying in a place like this:

and doing a little of this:

surfing....not kissing. (better not be kissing! ha)

He and his brother Luke will be going to Guatemala (where Dave served his mission) for about 5 days, and then will be in El Salvador for the temple dedication, to see Luke's families, and to surf! How fun. He has been wanting to go back to Guate since the day he got home. This will be a much needed break for him. He is such a hard worker and never stops to rest so he definitely deserves a vacation.

Originally we did talk about me going, but the more I thought about it the better I felt about just Dave and Luke going. I love experiencing new cultures and I would love to go, but because they plan on spending most of their time surfing and staying with families, I would probably spend most of my time alone on the beach or something. Maybe catch a few waves here and there, but really the majority of the time I would be by myself. Not very safe to be a lone girl in el sal. for hours at a time, and that is not what a vacation is to me. I want to cruise around experiencing things, not just sit on the beach catching up on the latest fiction novel. Plus it will be a good brothers trip for them and I didn't want Dave worrying about me. So, Dave has promised that he will take me down there when we could spend some time together. I am so excited for him to go. Dave can't stop doodling waves with "el salvador" penned underneath on every blank piece of paper he can find. I can tell he is a little beyond excited.

As for me, I will be spending my two weeks of vacation at mi casa in california. Enjoying the ocean, surfing, and spending time with family. I am already anxious about Dave leaving for two weeks, but I know we will both still have a great time. Distance makes the heart grow fonder right?


Fosters said...

My David will be gone for 2 weeks in June with the basketball team in Italy and France. I'm way jealous and I'll miss him like crazy but it is an awesome experience for him. You can totally do this! Especially since you'll be home with family the whole time. You will miss him like crazy but you will both have stories to tell and yes, distance does make the heart grow fonder!

Kaitlin Graff said...

I can honestly tell you, it DOES make the heart grow fonder :) And you'll have your family and the beach to keep you company!