To explain my absence: I was sick for TWO WHOLE WEEKS with a super sore throat and cold. - still have the cold -

So due to missing almost a whole week of school and work I am playing the catch-up game.
- Finished sewing skirt for my sewing class
- Finishing my button-down shirt for sewing
- 4-page paper
- 3 midterms
- 12-page paper due Friday (totally not looking forward to this)
- and oh so much more I can't even think of

Lets just say there have been many late nights and early mornings. Good news is Dave and I finally saw Tangled and LOVED it. In other good news, once Saturday is here I will be a happy happy girl. No more research paper, no more sewing project (for now), and no more reading research articles! I am so glad that the end of this semester is quickly approaching ...I can handle 4 more weeks.

Also, I did let myself have a little fun this past weekend. My grandparents came up from California and we got to hang out all day. I will post on said fun soon. Back to the grind!

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