saturday is a special day....NOT.

Remember when Saturdays used to be cool? Like when you were in high school and all Saturday meant was beach, and eating, sleeping in, and utter laziness? Well not anymore folks! Saturdays are becoming less and less desirable. It is now a day of grocery shopping, laundry doing, test taking, paper writing, and errand running. So long my sweet days of yore! Ok i might be slightly exaggerating/biased because I just got out of the testing center after taking my SECOND midterm of the day! I was the first one there this morning to take my first test, and one of the last to leave on the second! The test I just got done with almost took me three hours to finish. So there you have it...a grand total of 4 1/2 hours of my Saturday was spent in the testing center. Not to mention the hours of studying to prepare for these tests. And the laundry I am about to go do at Dave's grandparents house for 6 hours because we don't have a washer/dryer. 6 hours to do laundry you ask? Yes because the washer only takes micro-mini loads or it stops working. Alright venting DONE.

Normally I really do look forward to the weekends, even if they are jam packed. I will especially love my weekends starting around April 20th. (when this semester is finally over). Though I am planning on taking 9 credits spring and 9 credits summer...so it may not turn out as luxurious as I hope. But i will continue to hope!

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