on my mind...on my mind again

:: big decisions. one big decision down (marry dave = check!) still have a few to go. still trying to figure out what i will do after i graduate. (thinking of doing something in HR) i may graduate in august with just my major (human development), but i am leaning towards finishing up my business minor. i just have a few classes left. this would mean i would have to stay in school another semester and graduate in december. bleh. i like school, i'm good at school, but i am just getting "over" school. i know, i know, these are the days i will never get back. somehow i can't help shaking this lack of motivation/energy when it comes to school. it might have to do with getting married, but i have a serious desire to just get a move on and have time to do other things besides school. such as actually having time to cook a meal on a day other than sunday. a full-time job would be less time consuming than my current work and school schedule. not trying to sound complain-y...just trying to document my thoughts here.

::other big things...dave has dental school aspirations. along with that come lots of other "big" things such as majoring in a hard sciency major, shadowing, taking the DAT, applying. he has two years left of his undergrad and we are already stressin! why does byu's science program have to be so intense? sheesh. good thing dave is a hard worker and can totally handle it. it is just nerve-racking to work towards something that we have no idea how it will end up. how will he do on the DAT? which schools will we be looking at? we could really end up moving ANYWHERE in a couple years. and that thought is exciting and scary at the same time.

::we both would reaaaaally like to end up in california one day. whether that is during dental school or after. both of us are californians born and raised and fell in love with the ocean, the sun, and the vibe. in the meantime, i am content in utah. i enjoy snowboarding in the winter. and i really like the summers! it gets super hot but there are so many fun things to do: hikes, bikerides, picnics, wakeboarding/wakesurfing, etc. i just have to remember to remind myself of these things when the heat hits and there is no beach to run to within a 600 mile radius.

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Jennifer said...

Hey Courtney! Glad to find your cute blog! We are really good friends with an oral surgeon here in PC (I do all the fun stuff aka office gifts for his office). I know he would be super happy to let Dave shadow him for a day and he'd have some great insight for him. Let me know if you want to set something up. You can message me on FB so I can hide my number from any potential creepers here. Do you guys ever ski PC? Let me know - we'd meet you on the mt. More good stuff coming this weekend maybe?!