the radness of music

this morning was a great morning. the sun was up, my vans were on, and i was walking to school with some great music in my ears. usually i don't walk around with an i-pod or anything. in fact i don't even own an i-pod. i have an rinky dink "nomad" mp3 player, but it gets the job done. so on my way to school i just walked super slowly enjoying the sun on my face and some good tunes i had been neglecting. i realized how good of an effect music can have on me. it has the capability of instantly putting a smile on my face. it makes me feel happy to remember good times. and it reminds me that summer will come and i will have tan legs again.

i am someone who is LOYAL to bands for a long time. bands such as coldplay, mason jennings, and the shins have been my favorites for YEARS and they will never leave my playlists. along the way i have picked up some other groups that i really like, some new, some old, some funky, some not. here is my list of favorites that are currently playing in my home:

engine heart - mirah
sea green see blue - jaymay
flightless bird - iron & wine
baby's got sauce - g.love and the special sauce
amsterdam - coldplay
skinny love; blindsided - bon iver
find enjoyment - ray barbee
something about your love - mason jennings
the "lungs" album - florence and the machine
re-arranger - mates of state
window bird - stars

favorite artists in general:

the shins
mason jennings
g. love and the special sauce
bon iver
amos lee
bob marley
slightly stoopid
ray barbee
third eye blind
ingrid michaelson
cat stevens
norah jones
jack johnson
donavon frankenreiter
red hot chili peppers
the black keys
the growlers
john legend

there are many others. but you get the gist. cool thing too is that dave and i used to listen to these bands together back in highschool. chicago/g.love/the shins/red hot chili peppers would play in the car on our way to surf. mason jennings is what ske (dave's brother) would play on the guitar to serenade. third eye blind was a favorite in kaitlin's car after seminary. norah jones/donavon for hanging out around the house. and cat stevens/other oldies while fixing surfboards in the garage.

p.s. the picture of the headphones are "beats by dr. dre" they are soooo insane. i tried them out at the apple store with dave. we didn't want to take them off. it sounded like you were in the recording studio with the artist. and they are so comfortable to wear! too bad they come with a $300 price tag!

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