"i embrace life"

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Thank you sun for coming out today. We got about 65 whole degrees here in Provo. Which is amazing. The only time I actually spent outside was walking to work with Dave but it was much needed. I feel like a much happier person when the sun is shining. I notice my environment more, I am more alert, I embrace opportunities, and it is so easy to smile! Probably because I was not bundled up in 5 layers and pulling my hood up and around my face. I need me some vitamin D! And a little color would be nice too.

On a similar, but different and slightly unrelated note...I was reading in REAL SIMPLE magazine the other day and there was an article talking about happiness. It was discussing the idea of reciting "mantras" to yourself to get through a slump or to erase negativity. Usually I think these things are pretty dumb. Saying: "I am awesome." "I am strong." "I am a hotty." seems pretty ridiculous to me. But there was a phrase that I felt could really apply to me. A woman used the mantra "I embrace life."

I love that thought. It seems I constantly have this internal struggle about whether or not to just go for something, or to be spontaneous, or seize an opportunity. I have always been a thinker. An analyzer. And more cautious than I would like to be. Those can all be good things, but sometimes I feel like it hinders me from getting the most out of life that I can. I have realized that when I have just allowed myself to go for it...to go cliff jumping, to try canoeing for the first time, to try a new workout, to try a new recipe, etc. I have really enjoyed myself and have felt proud that I tried something new. One of my unstated New Year's Resolutions was to take more opportunities and be spontaneous. So here's to my new mantra..."I embrace life." I am really going to try this! I will let you know how it goes.  

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