weekend of love

a week and 1/2 overdue, but here are the pictures from our valentines fun. dave worked on valentines day, so he was so cute in doing little things for me throughout the day so i would feel special. he left me a really nice letter to wake up to, and he brought me chocolate covered strawberrys to work. of course i had to reciprocate the love so i had this set up for him after he got home from work. i think hearts/banners/etc. always look super girly, so i tried making it more fit for dave using red, blue, and brown. very boy colors. the banner had 4 little envelopes, each with one of these sweet cards:

it was so fun surprising each other throughout the day. dave brough home dinner and dessert from his work and we enjoyed it just the two of us. 

this past weekend, since we didn't go down to california, we decided to do something fun closer to town so we could just relax. we ended up spending the weekend in slc at the hyatt.

we walked around the gateway (where dave got blue corduroys for $6 and two RVCA shirts for $3 each and i got an UO sweater for $13) hello deal!we never go shopping...ever, so it was nice to try on some fun clothes.  we are huge sushi fans so we tried out happy sumo for the first time. it was really good! we recommend the wantons, venus role, and brooklyn role.

it was a much needed break from our super busy days. it is always nice to just hangout with my honey.

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