8. art

all of these paintings are done by dave. i absolutely love them. you should see dave's sketchbook, he is outta this world creative. i enjoy painting with him sometimes, though i end up feeling like the least creative person in the world and all i can think of painting are beach scenes and flowers haha. hopefully i will be able to expand my repetoire someday.

these paintings he made for me back when we were first dating.

they all really liven up our little casa. of course we like other art too... we like going to museums a lot. the getty museum and the getty villa in malibu are two of our favorites. if you have not been, go! it makes for a great day date and it's fun to experience rich culture like that. still have to go see the carl bloch exhibit at the MOA. let me know if you know of some cool artsy places we should check out.

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