10. camping

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i don't have any pictures of me camping on my desktop...but i'm sure if you went to my house in california my mom would break out the scrapbooks and show you loads of super attractive photos of me ruffing it with that great au-natural hair, dirt, and breath. too bad you missed out. anyways...camping has always been one of my FAVORITE things to do. my family used to go to zion's national park once a year with our cousins. it was a grand time. once i even almost stepped on a king snake. claim to fame right there.

i love the way camping has a way of clearing my mind. it is where i feel most in-tune with myself. the best part is not even the camp-fire and the s'mores...to me it's waking up in the morning to the calm and still of it all...breathing in deeply, hearing the birds singing, and smelling a great breakfast being cooked by my dad. not to mention how stinkin beautiful nature can be. sheesh. 

the places i love to camp most are: yosemite, zions, yellowstone, and of course...at the beach. dave and i registered for all the camping goods for our wedding and our friends and family decked us out with a nice tent, sleeping bags, and a duel fuel stove. so stoked! can't wait for it to warm up a bit so we can go! anyone else in?

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