14 days of L.O.V.E. - uno

i got this idea from a couple of my friend's blogs so i thought i'd share my 14 days of love in photographs ....besides the obvious, like family and church.
1. reading a good book

usually during school and work i find it hard to read for enjoyment. for some reason since getting married i have gotten a lot better at this. it probably has something to do with the fact that we have no cable and no internet at the moment, so if i want to relax i read. i have discovered how much i love non-fiction! ew gross i know..but it is so good. i love autobiographies, especially the Andre Agassi book OPEN. it is a really good read and really motivational. it taught me a lot. (*disclaimer - there is a bit of cussing) i am also one of those people who get books that teach you how to do things...i pick up interior design books, topography books, painting books, etc. overall these books probably just keep me adding things on my "i'd love to do this right now but i can't" list. oh well.

and who can forget a good novel that just sucks you in? i recently read the hunger games series and enjoyed it. team peeta all the way. anyone have any good suggestions for books? it's time for another one!

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