13. familia

i know i said i wasn't going to put "obvious" things on this LOVE list. but as i was putting this list together, it didn't feel right to just not include my family because it is "obvious." so here goes.

i consider myself SO super lucky to have the family that i do. i have always had an amazing family and the best parents i could ever want. i look up to my parents in so many ways. they are fun, hip, not afraid to embarrass me (remember high school dances?), good examples, and will have my back no matter what. bottom line ___ i love them. my sister (shannon) and brother (darren) are so cool you guys. they both came over to mi casa today and we talked, laughed, and ate our classic mac'n'cheese just like the good old days.

then there are the in-laws. it wasn't until i was engaged to dave that i really thought about what it meant to "marry into someones family." you always hear horror stories and jokes about the "in-laws" but i just couldn't see that happening with mine. sure enough..it didn't go down like that. the facers are amazing people. it may help that i have spent years playing board games in their home, watching them fix surfboards in their garage, and laughing with them till way to late at night. i have known them since i was 14 (well actually a long time before that...but long story)...and they make up some of my very best friends. i guess that is why i feel so lucky. i inherited a family full of people that i really like being around.

can't wait to see all their faces in a week!

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