oh february.

i really like this month of the feb. it helps me remember what is most important...having love and building relationships. sometimes that is a hard thing to do. especially when school, work, and studying are so demanding of time. there is a lot going on right now with school and work for both dave and i. we each work 20 hrs a week and have a full load in school (spend at LEAST 20 hrs in school) so pretty much we have a 40+ hour work week. needless to say we try to enjoy every moment we have together. whether it is eating breakfast, going to the gym, watching an old school movie, or just listening to colplay on our record player...those moments are bliss. maybe that is why i like february...the month (ok maybe not the MONTH) is focused on something the whole world could use a little more of...L.O.V.E.

some of you may know and some may not, but dave and i were good friends in high school. we were not "highschool sweethearts" by any means...just good old fashioned friends. {ok so maybe i did have a super crush on dave. so what?} now that we are married i am SO stoked that i kept an avid journal during those years because it is so funny to look back at how we were back in the day.

dave would tell me about all of his girl troubles, i would tell him my woes of never having kissed a boy (didn't happen till 17 people!)
dave had a girlfriend. i had boys that were friends :/
i would show dave how to paint nails. dave would show me how to paint FOR REALS. no joke, he is a great arTIST.
dave would skate. i would take pictures.
i would get excited about going to dances. and dave would get excited about eating pedros tacos.

the list goes on. as you can see we are different. but i think we are oh so compatable. it really just makes me so happy to be with dave. and it also makes me miss california a ton. the picture up top is where i wish i could be all the time. there is something about the beach, the sunshine, and my sweetheart that make me INCONCEIVABLY happy.
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aandjmerrifield said...

Court i have been obsessed with your blog for like an hour now.....im such a creeper...anyway i loved it i love dave painting !!...anyway it made me feel some love some things i can get better at ...and really made me misss hawaiii and CALIFORNIA...thanks it was fun!......love levy happy valentines to you both